Facebook adds Share Button to the post shared via Application


Recently, I saw a change in Facebook. I used to post status and other posts via application. The major problem out there is, absence of share button. Facebook developers tried a lot to bring in those share button to a post shared via application. Most of the developers couldn’t. Some developers said that the feature must be rolled out by Facebook officially. Some of the developers managed to add a Share button but still, they weren’t able to insert an AJAX share button. Now, Facebook has integrated an AJAX share feature for the posts shared via applications too.

Few days ago, we saw posts which contained animated pictures, music and more. Some of the Facebook tricks needed application to post. The major disadvantage was the absence of share button on the post. Page owners wants to provide their fans a share button so that they can share on their timeline or groups.

Some of the developers used action_links for inserting a share button. But still, they weren’t able to make the post to show the number of shares. Now, even if you insert action_links, Facebook will automatically insert a share button which when clicked, will show you an AJAX box to share the post.

You might have seen posts shared on Facebook via Twitter. Twitter always adds @username on Twitter as an action_links. Now, when any of your tweets are shared on Facebook via Twitter, you will see a Share button on the post. It features the AJAX type share box when you click on it. Facebook users can now easily share posts which was originally shared via application.

All posts shared on Facebook via application will now have an official share button. It will also show the number of shares made by the users and will show the share if it is made as public.

Now, you can make your page posts to reach more number of people and can also you can target audience on your fan page.

If you post updates via application using action_links, then you won’t be seeing the share button on timeline but the post will have a share button when you land on the direct URL of that post. Share button appears on users News feed though if it doesn’t appears on your timeline. This case is only, if you post status or post containing action_links.

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