World’s Waterproof & Unbreakable Smartphone – Nomu S50 Pro


This is 2018 and a lot of innovations are brought to you by a lot of companies like Apple, Samsung, Google, OnePlus and more. In China, there are a lot of companies emerging to manufacture smartphones. We already know several authentic Chinese smartphone manufacturers such as Xiaomi. A new Chinese company, Nomu has come up with a waterproof and unbreakable smartphone. The Nomu phone is rugged and can withstand any type of drop or even withstand high temperatures.
Nomu is known for manufacturing rugged smartphones where they aim to provide a smartphone which lasts longer even after a hard use. Usually most of the flagship devices today might break when it is dropped from a height of just 10 metres. The Nomu smartphone will not break even if you hard-throw it on a hard surface.
Nomu will still work even if you accidentally drop your phone inside a cooking pan which is hot for a long time. An experiment has been performed by Mrwhosetheboss, a YouTube vlogger. The Nomu smartphone still promises to work even if a large vehicle is made to run over the smartphone.
A Chinese brand who are already pioneer in making rugged smartphones have a more unbreakable smartphone. However, the company has sent several units of Nomu S50 Pro to many YouTubers who usually do drop tests and pressure tests. The company asks the reviewers to “drop this device anywhere”. The Nomu S50 Pro is said to not only withstand temperature and drop tests but also can withstand under a lot of pressure.
The price of the Nomu S50 Pro is not like any other smartphone. It falls under the budget smartphone only. The price on their website is $250 which is a lot cheaper than any other smartphones out there.

The specifications of Nomu S50 Pro are:

  • 5.72 inches display
  • IP69 rated – waterproof and dustproof
  • 5000 mAh battery
  • 16 MP Rear camera with Auto Focus
  • 8 MP Front Camera
  • Supports 4G
  • Runs on Android 8.1
  • Includes 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • MediaTek MTK6763V/V 64-bit Octa-Core @ 1.5 GHz
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 64 GB Storage – expandable up to 128 GB
  • Supports quick charging, face recognition, fingerprint unlock, NFC, gesture wake up

The Nomu S50 Pro is big, has a widescreen and has a whopping 5000 mAh battery which can last up to 2 days of usage. This is the world’s unbreakable smartphone. Also, the IP69 rating tells that it can withstand water for several hours.
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