World’s First Under-Display Camera Phone – Coming Soon


Yesterday, we posted about the smartphone trend in 2020. We posted that the under-display camera for selfie has a long way to go, but I’ve got a good news for you. A chinese manufacturer, Oppo is ready with a prototype featuring an under-display camera smartphone and has posted a video on Twitter. The company has been trying out various ways to maximize the screen-to-body ratio by having a moving equipment on a smartphone, such as a motorized flip when you turn on the selfie mode in the camera app.

As apps have become an integral part of our life, we do need a bigger display for a better user experience. The smartphone manufacturers have been trying hard to bring such experience by adding notch, motorized cameras, punch hole display and more. The dream for under-display is now live. Oppo has already demonstrated a video on Twitter before MWC Shanghai 2019.

Oppo demonstrated the all new under-display camera smartphone at Mobile World Congress held at Shanghai on June 26, 2019. Also, the company has posted a short video as a promotion to their new under-display technology.
We thought that the next trend for 2020 would be the square camera design, but the market is already ready for the innovation. Big smartphone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung will not copy the same trend but may come up with an improved technology? Vivo was first to introduce the in-display fingerprint scanner, but Samsung announced an in-display ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. Maybe, Samsung might have a different plans in bringing an improved under-display camera. Let us wait and watch.
Chinese smartphone manufacturers have become innovators these days. Apple and Samsung are already under pressure due to innovations brought by chinese smartphone manufacturers. Also, as a customer point of view, the chinese smartphone are economical and thus people prefer chinese smartphone over other brands that eats up their pocket a lot. The under-display camera is the best solution for smartphone to have almost 100% screen-to-body ratio.
What is your thought on this all new under-display technology in a smartphone? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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