Windows Phone 8 : Nokia Lumia 920 in US Market on November 11

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The most awaited Windows Phone 8 from Nokia will be released on November 11, 2012 in US market. The phone has good talks among the experts and have relatively a positive buzzes among the public people. The recent release of Windows 8 has attracted many people due to its User Interface. The all new Windows 8 have brought a new way of computer experience. Windows Phone 8 is to hit people's mind through Nokia Lumia 920. The user can feel a different and a new interface on mobile devices. Though Android is now a popular operating system, there can be chance for people to switch from Windows to Android once applications for Windows is populated in large amount.

Windows Phone 8 Nokia Lumia 920

The all new Nokia Lumia 920 will have a Snapdragon S4 processor which runs at 1.5 GHz. The internal memory of Nokia Lumia 920 is 1000 MB. You are allowed to upgrade up to 32 GB and also, the phone features cloud storage. One can store up to 7 GB on Microsoft SkyDrive. The Snapdragon S4 processing technology have made the phone to perform more faster than any other. A processor which consumes less power and provides high output is integrated.

Nokia Lumia 920 is most expected because before the release, Nokia was frequently promoting their product on Facebook and other social networking sites. The unique look in Windows 8 is the Metro Style. Windows Phone 8 may cover lots of smartphone lovers. The most prominent feature of Nokia Lumia 920 is, it offers Wireless charging. You may just place on a Wireless charger and continue with your work. Just hate wires. The camera contains a Carl Zeiss lens of 8.7 Mega Pixels. Nokia's PureView technology can capture any still in a lucid manner. Using Carl Zeiss lens, you may capture pictures without any blur.

The screen size is measured to be 4.5 inches and contains 16.7 Million colors. High Definition videos look more beautiful than ever. Gaming experience is improved a lot in Nokia Lumia 920. It features DirectX 11, Accelerometer, Gyroscope and more. Usually playing games by touching the screen is a fun.

What's your thought on Nokia Lumia 920. Do you think Nokia Lumia 920 will attract people? Nokia Lumia 920 costs $149 with two year contract of AT&T.

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  • Super post bro. I like the way you writing. I really love ur site.

  • Janamithran says:

    Any ideas when Lumia 720 is to be released?
    I also need to know whether Lumia 720 is better than Lumia 620.....

    • Arjun says:

      Release date and pricing has not yet revealed by Nokia. That should be soon announced. Nokia Lumia 720 is obviously better than Lumia 620.