Windows 8 Powered Acer Tablets and Ultrabooks Unveiled

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The most expected Windows 8 Operating system is on the way to the users. The screenshot of the Windows 8 operating system which was leaked recently during consumer preview attracted many developers, users and geeks. The configuration required for Windows 8 was not far much than Windows 7 configuration. A computer to run Windows 8 required a configuration nearer to Windows 7.

Most of the users were able to accept the minimum configuration of the Windows 8 operating System due to the above reason but still the consumer preview of Windows 8 was found to have bugs. Microsoft will release its finalized version of the operating system by the end of this year. The computer manufacturers have started to release Windows 8 compatible computers.

Acer which is a fast growing computer manufacturing company has unveiled Windows 8 powered Tablet computers and Ultrabooks. Acer has released two models of Tablet computers and three models of Ultrabooks. The model Iconia W510 and Iconia W700 are the two Tablet computers release.


Acer Iconia W510 is said to be the best computer to show up presentations, browse internet, watch videos and view images in a wide and clear manner as it can be rotated 295 degrees. The tablet is fixed with detachable keyboard which becomes comfortable for typing. The screen size of W510 is 10.1 inches which costs 799 USD. the Iconia W700 features a high definition display with 11.6 inches sized screen which costs 999 USD. The battery backup of Acer Iconia W510 is 18 hours.

Acer has unveiled ultrabooks of model Aspire 7600U, Aspire 5600U all in ones and Aspire 7 Series. As far the Ultrabooks are concerned, they weigh less and give high performance. They also provide battery backup  for long time.

Acer Aspire 7 Series provides a 13.3 inch full high definition display screens which offers a battery backup of 12 hours. The keyboard in the Aspire 7 series features a light sensing keyboard which automatically adjusts to the light in the environment. Acer 7600U is integrated with a 64 points touch screen feature. The thinnest computer of all is known to be Acer's Aspire 5600U.

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