Why To Buy Windows Phone instead of Android?

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There's been craze among the people to choose Android smartphone. Wherever I go, I could see people using Android smartphones than Microsoft's Windows Phone. There are lot more reasons behind why people using Android but technically, Windows Phone seems to be great in terms of performance and cost. Yes, I would agree that Google Play Store has numerous apps for Android than any other mobile App Stores but have you ever compared which app stores do contain powerful and worthy apps? I'd openly say that Windows Phone Store has a good collection of high quality apps. Know the reason behind why to buy Windows Phone.

Before beginning this article, I would admit that I am neither a Windows Phone user nor an Android user. I was doing research on finding best mobile operating systems so far. My research was based on technical stuffs and also cost wise standards maintained on these smartphones.

As we all know better, Windows Phone is developed by Microsoft Corporation and Nokia was the company which manufactured devices for running Windows Phone. Also, we know that Nokia was acquired by Microsoft recently for around 7.2 billion dollars.


Reasons why people go for Android

People does not go simply for any smartphone without making a case study. While we plan for a smartphone, we usually be in trouble choosing operating system of the phone. The biggest dilemma which occur on our mind is, whether to go for Samsung Galaxy series or Nokia Lumia series.

Why To Buy Windows Phone instead of Android

The first and foremost thing which people do before buying a smartphone is, asking others who use Samsung or Nokia. Alternatively, they do web search for finding reviews about a particular phone. At most of the cases, people are advised to choose Android than Windows Phone.

The reasons why people go for Android are listed below.

  • Play Store contains lot of free apps to download.
  • Android comes with Samsung, HTC, LG and more devices which often offers people with high featured piece with less prices.
  • Android is from Google and so, we can receive lot of free and awesome stuffs from them.
  • Technology innovations like Google Glass and Google Talking Shoe requires Android platform and so it's much flexible to use with such innovative devices from Google.
  • Large number of developers are available for Android and so, we can expect right apps which we require to have.
  • Android has a good talk among the people using the smartphone as they feel much free to download and install apps without spending a lot of bucks.

I received these many responses when I was surveying about the reason behind people going for Android. Now a days, people spend lot of money on Android devices.

Why NOT to go for Android?

Well, the Android smartphones do have features based on cost of the smartphone as well. Performance and availability of apps on a $600 smartphone will not be available in a $200 smartphone for sure.

But here is a question. Do you really want to spend huge bucks to buy a highly performing Android smartphone? Why don't an Android smartphone which worth $200 does not perform the same? Well, the hardware specifications matters as well.

We do need a smartphone which runs smoother even after software upgrades. As I conducted a survey on this, I didn't find people satisfied about their Android smartphone after a software upgrade. For example, if their smartphones comes with Android 3.0 Honeycomb, they were not satisfied when they upgrade their operating system to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. However, their smartphone met the hardware requirements for running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Why to buy Windows Phone?

Windows Phone is much worthy to buy than Android in many ways. There are disadvantages on Windows Phone as well but not technically. Microsoft has an intelligent team in building operating systems for both computers and smartphones. There are lot of operating systems for mobile but have you ever wondered about the uniqueness which Windows brought to people?

Freakishly Addictive User Interface

The live tile home screen of Windows Phone made many users addictive than any other smartphone's interface did. The animations and sleeky slides of the live tiles have already impressed thousands of Windows Phone users.

Performance is never reduced due to upgrades

Microsoft provides software upgrades selectively so that your phone can run smoothly without any trouble. So, upgrading a software will not harm the performance of the device.

Did you know? The performance of Windows Phone is often compared with iOS.

High Quality Apps on the Store

What will you choose? A lot of low quality apps or a decent number of high quality apps? Well, I'm not going to say that Android's Play Store has low quality apps but as they are more popular and has large number of developers, we could see number of low quality apps wandering throughout the Play Store. However, Google is trying hard to trash away the low quality apps.

Windows Phone users have never been unsatisfied about the quality of the apps they get. More often, apps at Windows Phone are paid but this makes users to download the app with same quality which the developer had made. This is more concerned about the privacy of the user too as some tricky apps if its let for free like Android could spoil the privacy of the smartphone user.

Worth for Money

Windows Phone will have a good performance and will not bring you 'device freezing issues'. The chances are less compared to Android. Buying a Windows Phone for $150 is smarter than buying an Android smartphone for the same price.

No Ads while using Apps

Advertisements ruin a mobile experience. When it comes to smartphones, ads do disturb user while playing a game or while working on some other apps. On Windows Phone, apps does not come up with advertisements while the user is working on it. Gaming is undisturbed!

I've just shared my opinion with you. Please share your ideas and thoughts regarding Android and Windows Phone. The battle hasn't over yet. The two giants, Microsoft and Google is working hard to bring out completely new and improved UI and highly performing operating systems to users.

Share this article with your friends and peers...

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  • Sudeesh says:

    Looks like a Microsoft savvy.....

    No valid reason given to avoid an Android phone !

  • AMaan says:

    Windows is gaining market. It's still a good buy.

    Although the latest Android version is just amazing, but we should not forget that Nokia is providing a lot of meat at quite less cost.

    Thumbs up to this post for taking stand for forever alone but rising Windows phones. Not like other blogs praising Android for no reason 🙂

  • abc says:

    android will always be better than windows

  • prashanth says:

    You are stand out from the crowd! But the Google stuff itself make android much better than other OS.