Why Moto G is Better Than Other Smartphones?


There’s been a crowd for ordering the all new Motorola’s Moto G on almost every online shopping sites. Most of the sites ran out of stock within few minutes of release. Moto G has been reviewed as a best Android smartphone with respect to its price. Developers and other people who used the Moto G has made positive reviews on both phone’s usage and specifications. Moto G is considered as the cheapest smartphone ever with such a high configuration. Let’s see why Moto G is better than other smartphones like Apple iPhone 5C, Sony Xperia M and Micromax Canvas HD A116.

There’s been craze for people following smartphones for mentioned reasons.

Apple iPhone:

For both status symbol and quality, Apple iPhone is much preferred by people around the world than other better cheapest smartphones available on the market.

Samsung and Sony:

Though there are smartphone brands that bring out the devices that are cheaper than Samsung and Sony, they have their own name among people’s mind and best known as quality smartphone manufacturers.

Micromax and XOLO:

After the launch of Micromax Canvas smartphones with cheaper price, most of the people from developing countries like India went crazy for a cheaper, yet powerful devices.

Well, it’s always hard to choose a particular brand than choosing a particular model. We usually choose a brand for two main factors. One is quality and the other one is, price. At most of the times, we

Quality or Price?

From anyone’s perspective, both quality and price plays a vital role. We always need “cheap & best” devices. Moto G is really a good example for those who require a best mobile at cheaper price. However, one may not compare the Moto G with higher end devices like Nexus.

Lags are common in almost every Android devices except the Nexus series. Moto G may have a Quad Core CPU and 1 GB RAM but the device may lag depending upon the usage by the user.

A Comparison with iPhone 5C

Let’s compare Moto G with Apple smartphone that was trending in the market. Moto G is the best sold smartphone among Motorola within few period of time.

Apple Inc., who were selling the quality and expensive smartphones have become dull after people started becoming aware of Moto G and iPhone 5C specifications. Almost all of the companies manufacturing smartphone wants to beat Apple. Today, Motorola have achieved it. However, Apple is working hard to bring out a leap in their next smartphone.

Moto G vs Apple iPhone 5C

Apple iPhone 5C is considered to be the cheapest and latest Apple iPhone. From the performance to the display quality, Moto G has the rocking specifications.


Moto G provides a screen resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels whereas, the Apple iPhone 5C provides just 640 x 1136 pixels. People who would often watch movies or play games might switch to Moto G than buying Apple iPhone 5C.

Though the Apple iPhone 5C has a bigger display than previous versions (till iPhone 4S), they are not as big as Moto G. Apple iPhone 5C has a screen size of 4 inches and Moto G with 4.5 inches. This can make your device available for more apps from the Store.

Have you protected your phone from being off from your hands accidentally ever since you bought your phone? I bet, you wouldn’t have! What would you do if your expensive Apple iPhone 5C falls off by screen facing the floor? You need to spend more than $130 for the replacement. Moto G is highly a better choice as it is protected by Gorilla Glass.


Apple iPhone 5C has a better camera support and a good clarity of pictures. The rear camera containing 8 Mega Pixel lens and the front with 1.2 Mega Pixel lens is a way better as one would always require a good clarity images captured. unfortunately, Moto G has just 5 Mega Pixel of camera abut a front camera of 1.3 Mega Pixel featuring a better video calling than calling from an iPhone 5C.

HDR is available both on Apple iPhone 5C and Moto G.


Would anyone pay more for a device with less performance? Absolutely not! Apple iPhone 5C offers just a Dual Core 1.3 GHz CPU whereas the Moto G runs on a Quad Core CPU with clock speed 1.2 GHz.


As usual, iPhone 5C has no support for Java applications whereas, Moto G could run for you!

Listening to a song in FM Radio is much sweeter than from your MP3 player, right? People who listen to FM Radio might go for Moto G.


Moto G is best know for “cheapest and best” smartphone ever. If you are planning to buy a smartphone with a best quality and also with a cheaper price, then you can opt for Moto G. Apple iPhone 5C or any other Apple devices are not worst but they have their own user quality. Nexus is a best smartphone if you want an Android smartphone but one does not simply offer such high price to get a Nexus when you have got a Moto G. The hardware specification of Nexus devices are high than Moto G.

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Photo Courtesy: Lokchand R S

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