Should You Upgrade to iPhone Xs?


The most awaited iPhone Xs, the successor of Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone X has released and its in most of the reviewer’s hand. It’s been a month since the launch and there have been many pros and cons of the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max. Some of the iPhone Xs Max users were facing Charge Gate and Beauty Gate issue. We awaited Apple to respond on these issues, but fortunately, the company has fixed them both on the upcoming iOS 12.1, reportedly said by the beta users using iOS 12.1 Public Beta 1. The issues were disappeared and hence iPhone Xs and Xs Max are the devices we can consider now to buy. Should you really upgrade to iPhone Xs or Xs Max? Let us see if you should upgrade.

iPhone Xs and Xs Max have similar specifications except the screen size and battery. Although, the screen size of Xs is big enough for watching movies and reading books, the iPhone Xs Max has a larger battery which we should consider them. iPhone Xs Max possess the same dimension as the iPhone “Plus” variants, featuring a bigger screen. If you are really a person who spends a lot of time on screen, you may really need to go for iPhone Xs Max, otherwise iPhone Xs is a good option for you.

Should you upgarde to iPhone Xs or Xs Max?

If you are already using an iPhone 7 or earlier versions, the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max are surely an worth to upgrade. As far as Apple is concerned, the devices are always expensive as they hold patents for most of the innovations. If you are using iPhone X and seeking to upgrade to iPhone Xs, it is not an worth to upgrade. The “s” upgrade on iPhones are usually incremental updates, hence, the processor and a few features were added to iPhone Xs when we compare it with iPhone X.
The iOS 12 is refined well and is made as fast as possible, hence, all devices including the older ones that supports iOS 12 can run apps faster than iOS 11. You wouldn’t be surprised if many old iPhone users decided not to upgrade the iPhone after the new iOS 12 update, since their iPhones started to perform faster than ever.
Have you upgraded to iPhone Xs? Share your thought below.

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