5 Slimmest Laptop to Buy in 2016

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Most of the vendors like Apple, HP, Lenovo wants to provide users with the slimmest device possible. This craze towards slimmest laptop is after the launch of MacBook. Back in early days, HP brought Envy series to users who claimed to be the "slimmest laptop" but other vendors out-performed the thickness of Envy series. Now more vendors provide slimmest laptops where you might have not even ever thought.

Slimmest Laptop to Buy in 2016:

#1 HP Spectre

HP Spectre Slimmest Laptop 2016

0.41 inch Thick


HP Spectre is the competitor of MacBook that claimed to be the slimmest laptop. HP has redesigned the entire parts to make it small, re-engineered the design to make it fit in 10.4 mm thick body.

#2 Asus ZenBook UX305

Asus ZenBook UX305 slimmest laptop

0.48 inch Thick

Asus is the new competition for Apple and HP to be in-between. Asus works hard both in the mobile industry and computer industry to beat the market and reach the customers at lower prices.

#3 MacBook

MacBook Slimmest Laptop 2016

0.52 inch Thick

The best and an exemplary device that Apple provides to users is Macintosh. MacBook is one of the choices if you want to buy the best machine in the world. But however, be cautious as MacBook has only one port and a less powerful processor.

#4 Toshiba Protege Z930

Protege Z930 Slimmest Laptop to Buy

0.6 inch Thick

Toshiba Protege Z930 is yet another slimmest laptop that is competitive to MacBook and Lenovo X1 Carbon. Protege Z930 Series has a Core i7 processor that outperforms other slimmest laptop models.

#5 Lenovo X1 Carbon

Thinkpad X1 Carbon

0.73 inch Thick

If you want to for a high-performance laptop, then your choice should be Lenovo X1 Carbon as it has a Core i5 processor and also has a touch screen. The best choice to buy a slimmest laptop for today might be the Lenovo X1 Carbon.


You should always agree that going for smaller laptop means that you have a smaller display and smaller battery and less powerful. Giving a powerful processor on the slimmest laptop will not always make you perform complex tasks such as video editing and gaming. Sooner this might be possible in future days.

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