Top 6 Nokia Mobiles below Rs.15,000

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Nokia has become the largest mobile phone suppliers in the world. Nokia is known for its quality, price and worth. We can't expect Android mobiles in Nokia but by itself gives unique features and great software stability. Usually people ask me mobiles below Rs. 15,000. Nokia has better mobiles than other mobile vendors though it doesn't have a software like Android. Nokia has tied up their software support with Microsoft and Symbian.

Windows mobile from Nokia costs more than Rs 15,000 whereas Symbian powered mobiles costs less in price. Hardware features are also not bad in this case. Nokia has recently announced mobiles in this price range. Simple mobiles, yet powerful. If you are a touch screen lover but also require keypad for messaging, then you too have choices in selecting a touch and type mobiles in Nokia.

Nokia Asha 300


The Product 'Asha' is a newly released Nokia mobile which gives talk time of 6 hours and 54 minutes for 2G and 4 hour 18 minutes in a 3G Connection. The standby time is 550 hours for a 2G Connection and 597 hours for a 3G Connection. A Touch and Type featured phone which allows you to type messages or texts in a keypad but allows you to scroll and select with a touch screen. It facilitates an internal storage memory of 140 MB and a physical memory of 128 MB. Memory can be still extended by using a Micros SD card up to 32 GB. It contains a 256 MB ROM. Different colours are available if you choose Nokia Asha 300 and contains a camera of 5 Mega Pixel. No Front camera. All features are processed in a 1 Ghz CPU contained in it. The phone weighs 85 grams. The display resolution of Asha 300 is 240 x 340 pixels which provides 256K colors. Nokia Asha 300 Costs around Rs. 7,500. The phone is powered by the official Nokia's proprietary OS.

Nokia Asha 303

The Asha 303, as the model number indicate, it is a next release of Nokia Asha 300. The phone's internal staorage memory is extended to 170 MB here. Facilitates a 3G Connection and also user can get a Wireless internet Connection using WiFi. The camera is downgraded in this model when it is compared with Nokia Asha 300. It provides only 3.2 Mega Pixel of Camera at the back. Phone is powered by Symbian OS, s40. Memory size can be extended using a Micro SD card up to 32 GB. It facilitates 1 Ghz of CPU, same as Asha 300. The talk time and Standby time of the phone has been improved than the previous releaase of Asha, that is Asha 300. It can stand up to 720 hours and 840 hours in a 2G and 3G Connection respectively. Talk time is 8 hours and 10 minutes in a 2G connection and for a 3G connection it's 7 hours and 10 minutes. Nokia Asha 303 is a touch phone with a QWERTY type keyboard. The phone costs around Rs.7,800.

The Asha Product in Nokia has recently welcomed customers due to its appearance and colours. It is available in pink colours thereby attracting girls more than boys. Both Asha 300 and 303 has its own unique features. the difference between Asha 300 and Asha 303 is the internal memory, camera, WiFi, Operating system and Talk time. The QWERTY model in Nokia Asha 303 facilitates better for messaging.

Nokia X3-02

The 'X' model of Nokia is best known for its Audio and display quality. X3-02 is also a touch and type mobile with 5 Mega Pixel of Camera at the back. 3G feature is available in in this model but can be used for better internet connections. It doesn't facilitates video calling. A proprietary OS will be installed in this mobile. Internal storage is only 50 MB but can be extended up to 16 GB with the help of Micro SD Card. Internet can be accessed wireless by using a WiFi connection. It's talktime is 300 minutes and the standby time is up to 430 hours. It contains keys specially for music, to play/pause etc. Social tools like Facebook and Twitter will come along with the mobile phone software. Bluetooth version 2.1 helps in transferring multimedia files easily and more faster than ever. The phone costs around Rs. 8,500.

Nokia 500

This model of the mobile is a fully touch version. A 3G connection is accepted but no video calling feature is available. An internal storage of 2 GB is provided with mobile. You can also extend the memory by inserting memory card up to 32 GB. A RAM of 256 MB and a ROM of 512 MB is provided. A CPU of 1 Ghz ARM 11 Processor will take care of all activities that is carried out in the mobile. Phone is available in Black and white colours only. It is powered by Symbian Anna OS which supports SPB 3D Shell software. It can provide a talktime of 7 hours and 5 hours in 2G and 3G connection respectively. Costs Rs. 9,550. The screen resolution is 360 x 640 pixels which provides a large preview of your videos and other items you open in your mobile. The phone can stand 500 hours in a 2G connection and 455 hours in a 3G connection. USB charging is enabled. Wireless Internet can be experienced with a WiFi connection.

Nokia 603

The Nokia 603 mobile is powered by Symbian Belle Operating System with a CPU processing 1 Ghz speed. It contains 1 Ghz ARM 11 processor. GPS feature enables the user to find locations and driving directions. A 5 Mega Pixel Camera at the back of the phone gives a clear shot of a picture captured in the Phone Camera. WiFi can be used for Wireless internet. Symbian Belle also supports SPB 3D Shell. you may look for our article regarding them. A 2 GB of internal memory really fulfill the needs of users' multimedia needs. Yet, it can be extended up to 32 GB. A GPU of 2D and 3D graphics HW accelerator with OpenVG1.1 and OpenGL ES 2.0 is featured. It facilitates 16 hours and 7 hours talk time in a 2G and 3G connection respectively. Photo Editor in Symbian Belle OS allows you to edit Images that captured using your mobile directly after the shot. The Price is around Rs. 13,100 if you purchase it online.

Nokia 700

The new Nokia 700 presents the AMOLED display technology in a mobile phone. The display size is 3.2 inches and is known for Nokia's smallest smartphone. This phone costs around Rs. 13,400. A 2 GB internal storage which can be extended further by inserting a memory card up to 32 GB. 512 MB RAM contained in it facilitates good paging of files that are processed. It is powered by Symbian Belle OS and supports 3D features. Wireless internet using WiFi can be accessed in the mobile. A camera of 5 Mega Pixel is built at the back of the phone which can be used for Video recording photo capturing and zooming. Resolution of 360 x 640 pixels screen provides a good feature for displaying stuffs. Talk time is nearly equal to that of Nokia 603. It weighs 96 grams. Includes an LED Flash light in it.

Share your comments about Nokia mobiles here. How have you experienced with Nokia Mobiles and what is the disadvantages and anvantages in using Nokia mobiles? I have listed the top mobile which is hot in the market now with respect to features. If you have any other mobiles which you prefer it as a top and best one, you may comment here. Stay updated with us and stay connected for more updates.

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