The Launch of New Apple Products : Apple Day

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The "big" launch of Apple new products has been celebrated on Wednesday. The new Apple products  like iPhone 5, iPod Nano, EarPods, iPod touch and improvement of iTunes. The Apple store was made to be inactive during the launch. After the launch, iTunes store contained all new products to be purchased. The all new Apple iPhone 5 and iOS 6 has been launched. The Apple iPhone 5 is considered to be the most beautiful phone compared to the previous phone of Apple Inc.. The release oof iOS 6 Beta already gave a good impact on users. Developers were allowed  to use and test the iOS 6 Beta and the result was good. The iOS 6 which was launched yesterday was said to remove bugs from iOS 6 Beta and a pure version of iOS 6 Beta is the iOS 6.

Apple Products iPhone Ipod Touch Nano

The all new iPhone 5 is said to contain 8 Mega Pixel camera with panorama view. The camera can give best results at low light zone. You might capture photos in a dark area too. The Apple iPhone 5 will be for sale on September 21, 2012 and the starting price of the Apple iPhone 5 will be $199. You may pre order your Apple iPhone 5 from September 14, 2012.


Apple has replaced the 30 pin accessories with the lighning connector. After the evolution of retina display in Apple Macbook Pro. Apple has also tried to integrate its Retina display technology in the  iPhone 5. The 4 inch bigger display of the iPhone 5 will feature the retina display.

The iPod Nano has a multi touch feature and is supposed to be more thinner than the previous versions of iPod Nano.

The Apple iPod Touch will contain the Siri feature integrated and will be more convenient for the users to use the Apple iPod touch.

We have already wrote a post on iOS 6 beta. the most improved versions of Apple iOS ever. The maps feature on Apple iOS has been greatly worked to give better results. Maps shows turn by turn directions.

The EarPods impacts a clear detail and base systems than ever.

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