Apple AirPods Is Not What We Wanted

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Apple is a big innovative computer industry. It is all known fact that Apple often releases a revolutionary product each year. Perhaps, Mac is one of the best devices they have made so far. iPhone is another best goodie from Jobs. Steve Jobs revolutionised Apple Inc. As a quick pick up from recent Apple Event, the most talked device that Apple introduced is, Apple AirPods. Apple AirPods is not what we wanted. Here, 'we' refers to customers like us.

Why We Do Not Want Apple AirPods?

We always love wireless devices but not Apple AirPods. Wireless Bluetooth headsets are a way better than Apple AirPods. How often an individual uses earphones?

Most of the time, people use earphone when they are,


  • Travelling
  • Jogging / Fitness Exercise
  • Sleeping
  • At work

Less frequently, people use earphones at home when they are relaxed. People often use speakers to listen to music at home, isn't it? I may be wrong, but a small percentage of people might still need earphones to hear to music at home even when they are alone.

The main reason why we do not want Apple AirPods is, it becomes the most lost device ever. Even wired earphones do not fit properly in our ears. While jogging or doing a physical exercise, it used to worn out of ears easily.

Apple wants to revolutionise the way people listen to music

The reason why the removed the 100-year-old headphone jack is, they want to digitalize the music better, and the company thinks that transferring music on a lightning cable can deliver a high-quality music. The other reason behind why Apple removed the audio jack is, to introduce stereo speakers.

It is revolutionary that Apple made AirPods but it is not as a useful device. As expected, Apple AirPods cost a lot that you can buy yourself a Motorola smartphone.

An adapter  with every iPhone 7 and 7 Plus box

Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus does not come with AirPod. You need to buy AirPod separately. You will find a standard EarPod inside the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus box but with a lightning port. Apple provides you with an adapter that connects to earphones/headphones of audio jack and lightning port.

AirPods includes battery on each

Apple AirPods includes a battery on each device. This probably will add more weight to the instrument. If you notice the place where the battery is located, you will find that the AirPods would fall off quickly. As total mass lies at the bottom of the device, it is very likely that you might lose your AirPod.

Apple AirPods Internal Description

Apple W1 Chip

Apple W1 Chip is made for AirPod that controls all functionalities such as Siri, Audio and Microphone. It takes care of the connectivity of your iOS device and AirPod.


Apple AirPods comes with the charger where you just need to put your AirPod on the charger, and the rest will automatically happen. Charging the AirPod seem to be a beautiful thing with Apple. The device is small, and the design is charming.

Ask Siri to know how much your AirPod charged

To determine the amount of charge available in the AirPod, you need to keep your AirPod near iPhone and ask, "How's the battery on my AirPods?". And, Siri will determine the battery capacity of your AirPod and will let you know. Apple should have also given the battery level indicator on Notification area.

Cancel outs background noise

Apple AirPods are made such a way that the background noise gets cancelled out at a decent percentage and makes your concentrate on your calls or peacefully listen to your favourite music.

AirPods Saves Battery

Apple AirPod has a feature that saves battery. How? When you take off from ears, your AirPod stops playing and pauses on iPhone. This is one of the coolest features of AirPod that you want to buy for.

What is your thought on new Apple AirPods? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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