Siri to come with iOS 6.0 in iPad

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Siri is the most popular application among the users of iPhone and iDevice users. For now, Siri is only available for iPhone 4S. The awesome application which also inspired Android developers to create an application for Android users. Siri gives appropriate responses to the input voice. It responds to the input by searching for the keywords. When your question contains weather then it may take that keyword as an account for the search and displays you the weather report. Not only this, Siri also takes the identifies the full sentence and the reply is mostly appropriate.

Usually male youngsters who get chill when they hear a female voice attracted Siri. Most of the male users used Siri for many puposes. Though, they can find such feature manually, they need to talk with Siri for just playing a music. Some people used to flirt the Application Siri whose videos might be available in YouTube.

Apple has announced that it will release its new Mac Systems and other accessories on June 11 at Worldwide Developers Conference and Apple hasn't made any announcements regarding the release of iPad with Siri in it. But Apple, Inc. is supposed to release a Siri version of iPad in the second half of this year.
The language for Siri is available both in United States' English and Indian English making the Siri to respond accurately to different slang of English. Apple is currently conducting numerous tests for integrating Siri in iPad powered by iOS 6.0.


Siri, which is to be arrived in iPad won't contain option for calling and other similar stuffs but can be used for calender, browser navigation, Wolfram-Alpha searches, Email people, Gazing though maps and Writing Notes. Siri might be helpful in many ways. The quicker tool to do something. Whatever we speak, it just does. Like homework to Siri and we, like an instructor.

Let us just wait for the Siri for iPad. Share your thoughts here.

Share this article with your friends and peers...

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