Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Bends Like iPhone 6 Plus

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It is always important to test a smartphone by the mobile phone manufacturer before it gets released. Most of the video bloggers and people who give mobile reviews on YouTube tend to do some tests on their own, just like CNET does on YouTube. This may provide a good feedback to customers whether to buy the product or not but creates a bad image to the company when some tests fail. Last year, when Apple iPhone 6 Plus was released, people did a bend test and unfortunately the highly reliable iPhone responded to the bend test.  Now, it's time for Apple to troll Samsung. The all new Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge responds to bend test.

Few weeks ago, SquareTrade published a video on the issue of bending Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The phone started bending and at some point the device was broken and became useless. SquareTrade applied a pressure of 110 lbf which is a high pressure. Such a pressure is not applied at a normal circumstances. The maximum pressure that a person can apply when his or her smartphone is at their back pocket is hardly 66 lbf.

Galaxy S6 Edge Bends


SamsungTomorrow responded to this issue by posting a video about the bending issue saying that the Samsung Galaxy can survive even at 79 lbs which is hardly about to reach by a normal person. They have published the video by applying pressure at the range of 70 to 79 lbf and the result is amazing that the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge still works fine without any problems.

[youtube eKburDQAolA]

The customers should be aware of one thing about the smartphone bending issues. Your smartphone normally does not bend on keeping it in your pocket. We usually do not give that much of pressure normally. If you care so much about it, a hard case on your smartphone will solve your fear easily. A case would save you both from bending issue and slipperiness of your smartphone.

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We do need a light-weight device and also a strong device that should not bend or break. We do use our smartphone throughout the year. We need to understand that any material at some point will break, anything it could be. There may be several technologies that say they might not break or scratch. However, at some point they break. Materials are made of chemical bondings and they do break, no matter how strong they are!

What is your view on bending issue of smartphones that are recently trending here? Are you the owner of Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge or iPhone 6 Plus? You would not have got a one if you haven't strongly believed on your usage and durability.

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