Samsung Galaxy S4 costs Rs. 40000 in India

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The very expected smartphone of all Indians is Samsung Galaxy S4. When Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S3, people were impressed about the price and features. But after some days of the release, there was a news going viral on the internet. That is, Samsung Galaxy S3 had overheating issues but still later the company confirmed that it had no issues like that. People in India prefer Samsung smartphones at the most than any other brand for smartphones. The reason for choosing Samsung is that, they are cheap in price and also have great features. The all new Samsung Galaxy S4 costs Rs. 40000 in India. This is just the expected price but the original price has not been revealed by Samsung yet. The original price may be higher or lower than this price.

Galaxy S4 costs Rs. 40000 in India

The all new Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with two models. One with Qualcomm S600 processor and another with the 8 core Exynos processor. Samsung Galaxy S4 is a way better model than the previous version, Samsung Galaxy S3.


Since a couple of years, Indians are in search of Samsung smartphones than Blackberry or HTC mobiles. Even, Apple iPhones and iPads were the products best selling after Samsung smartphones and tablets.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 might be available at Indian markets on April 26, 2013. The price range is expected to be Rs. 40000 but official announcements have been not yet received for the price in India.

According to the reviews done by people from other countries, Samsung Galaxy S4 is worth buying than any other smatphones. The only disadvantage about the Samsung Galaxy S4 is that, the size. They almost look like a tablet and becomes unfit to have it in pant or shirt pockets.

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