Samsung Galaxy S3 Faces Overheating Problems - Consumer Complaint

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Samsung Galaxy S3 was the most expected smartphone of all the Android and Samsung fans. The best features in the phone was, it was more better than iPhone 4S. It was said that the Samsung Galaxy S3 was light in weight and size than iPhone 4S. Most of the customers who was about to buy Apple iPhone 4S changed their mind to buy Galaxy S3. But unfortunately, a consumer of Samsung Galaxy S3 reported a serious issue about overheating of Galaxy S3. The intelligent smart phone was said to have good configuration and if you want to have a look on its specification, you may very well see here.

The consumer from Dublin, Ireland has reported that his new Samsung Galaxy S3 has banged and a white flame with spark has come out of the phone. This looked much weird. The consumer wanted to replace it with warranty. When he was complaining this information to the store he bought, he was informed that the mobile should be sent to the company for checking the mobile. They were not able to replace with another handset. But the wonder was, the phone worked fine even after this issue but the phone was not able to get any signal. I mean, the phone became a useless thing for making calls and data usage.

The below pictures shows how the Galaxy S3 looked after the explosion. Click an image to enlarge.


The incident was a danger one it seems and it was supposed to be happened inside the car. After this complaint was filed, Samsung contacted the consumer to rectify it. They gave a new Samsung Galaxy S3 and promised him to provide some free offers and stuffs.

This problem is more dangerous one but the consumer after getting help from Samsung, he updated the forum post he made. The problem might be due to his car's heating system and the car mount and it is not confirmed due to the mobile issue.

But still, after lot of questions asked by the media to the Samsung, it has said that it is now investigating the problem and will soon try to rectify it. Samsung Galaxy S3 was more better than any other Samsung's Android mobiles. It is supposed to be considered when a multinational company like Samsung create errors on its creation of such a costly smartphone.

Well, this is not only the sad news but already when Apple launched its iPad for the first time, it contained this problem. Not only Apple, but also Ubislate 1, that is Aakash tablet computer 1 experienced the overheating problem.

Samsung will rectify this issue for sure, many people hope this because, this may be the major issue but big companies like Samsung can work hard to fix this. We all know the problem what Tata Nano car faced during its launch. That was a new try of Tata automobiles for creating a cheapest car. But they soon rectified it. Now, there are no such complaints on Tata Nano. Likewise Samsung might have tried to bring out some technology which could have resulted this. They say the mistake may be the car's heating engine but still, it is not confirmed whether the problem is in car or in the phone.

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Update 1: Our commentator, Peter has mentioned that the overheating problem was only due to external energy and not the device's fault. And also, he has given us a link to prove himself which gives you more info. Check below his comment. And the link he provided is:
Thanks Peter!

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  • Peter says:

    It's fake

    • Arjun says:

      Thanks Peter! You're Awesome to us! The source you gave was useful and can be trusted. We have updated the post based on your evidences for confirming the Samsung's Overheating issue that it's a fake one! 🙂

  • Zamir wani says:

    The heating problem is a major problem with both s2 and more particularly with s3 .I have been using both of them.web browsing causes overheating always even if auto synchronisation location services may be deactivated .I really feel annoyed by this issue otherwise Samsung s2 and s3 are awesome smart phones

  • samsung galaxy s3 has been a very bad experience. i could not hear the caller. i could not make the calls. it was leaving the network.
    the dealer is of no support.
    the service centre kept it for one day. give it back and say it to be 'software problem', returnt back, but it never worked.
    i went back to the dealer, he advises another service centre, they also keep it for one day, do something to it, refuse to tell what they actually did, returned it back to me. it did not work again..............................

    again i went back, now they have kept my phone , its with them since last four days, they are not telling anything...
    what a harrassment....
    i could not be in contact with my patients for so many days..
    i repent buying s3

  • V says:

    I've had 3 of them so far. When i restart, or power down my phone sometimes it's taken up to 8hrs to comeback to regular function. Im sitting here right now watching my phone reboot ever 10sec. i can't receive text email nothing, Asurion is sending me my 4th phone and wont get it till Monday.

    • Arjun says:

      Are you talking about Samsung Galaxy S3?
      BTW, please use your real name while commenting so that your comment won't be considered as a spam.

  • Steve says:

    I just bought my s3 last 2 weeks, last sunday suddenly cannot charge. When i go to service center, they said that something in my s3 was broken (default from factory) and thay just said they only can repair, i m very disapointed, because as the top product quite expensive price but the after sales service is very bad. I had experience with blackberry dakota, after 3 months i m compalint because often hang and directly they give me new unit for replacement and also same experience with my ipad......