Samsung Galaxy Note T-Mobile : Release Date Announced


Samsung, the vigorous seller of smartphone has now come forward to release their new Samsung Galaxy Note T-Mobile. The release date has been finalized now creating a eagerness for the buyers. Already, I have written more articles on Samsung smartphone and their reviews. The most expected handy mobile, Samsung Galaxy S3 sounded overheating problem. The news became more stronger and wider. It spread almost most of the countries around the world. The photos of Samsung Galaxy S3 has been released in a forum by a customer which showed the evidence of overheating problems. But, later Samsung proved that the overheating problem was only due to external heat energy and not because of the device. The customer too agreed to the point after proper proof.

Samsung galaxy Note T-Mobile

Let’s now come to talk about Samsung Galaxy Note T-mobile. Well, whenever Samsung releases a mobile with a name note, we’ll imagine a tablet like mobile phone. It is a best mobile for business in my point of view but the con is, the Samsung Galaxy Note T-mobile is not much handy than any other mobile. The screen size is supposed to be same for Samsung Galaxy Note T-mobile, that is, it features the same size of Samsung Galaxy Note AT&T(5.3 inches screen size).

PCMag, a gadget review king has rated the mobile phone 4/5 ratings. The mobile will be released in the month of August of this year and will attract most of the users worldwide. Though the mobile seems to be very large in size, it features am large screen which will be more useful in working on the mobile. Most of the business and office applications are supported. Samsung Galaxy Note T-Mobile is powered by Android 4. 0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Samsung Galaxy Note T-Mobile features most of the features of Samsung Galaxy Note AT&T but Samsung galaxy Note for T-Mobile has some good features in it. Only the provider is different, hardware specifications are moreover the same that of Samsung Galaxy Note for AT&T.

The best feature in Samsung Galaxy Note for T-Mobile is, call quality. The voice and signal quality features the best out of all qualities. The person who talks from somewhere can be heard more clearly than ever. T-Mobile provides good voice quality and signal strength.

Vlingo, a specialized application installed in Samsung Galaxy Note for T-Mobile can feature the best voice dialing. But the functionality is not up to expected level. They can’t beat up Apple’s Siri and Google Now. Well, just saw some comparison videos on YouTube of Apple’s Siri and Google Now. Google Now is just awesome, gives more faster results than Apple’s Siri. The result was more faster on Google Nexus 7.

Samsung Galaxy Note for T-Mobile sounds more good features. The internet browsing is made more faster by T-Mobile. The screen resolution is 1280 x 800 pixels. The mobile can be extended using 16 GB microSD card.The mobile runs with a processor of 1.5 GHz. It features 8 Mega Pixel of camera.

The cost of the phone will be around $250 and will be released in the month of August of this year.

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