7 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Nokia X aka Normandy

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You might have been excited when Nokia officially announced about the Nokia X smartphone. Before the company was in the hands of Microsoft, Nokia had plans to release an Android smartphone. Although, now the company has been acquired by the Microsoft, there are several reasons behind the action of the company to release an Android smartphone. Android and Apple's iOS are the most dominating mobile operating system among the people. Some sources say that the step to introduce an Android smartphone by Microsoft is actually to prove that Windows Phone as best. Learn why you should not buy Nokia X or Normandy, Nokia's Android smartphone.

Microsoft is trying to make users to use Microsoft products the most. Introducing the most loved handset might welcome lot of users to Microsoft products like outlook, OneDrive and Bing.

Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Nokia X

There are several reasons for buying an Android smartphone due to its quality but there are some hidden facts why you should not choose Nokia X.

Low Internal Storage

On this Mobile World Conference 2014, Nokia has unveiled a lower end Android smartphone which costs less than or moreover equal to the price of Nokia Lumia and Asha handsets. The worst thing about this smartphone is the storage. Nokia X provides only 4 GB of internal storage wholly and a little amount of space is accessible. However, Nokia X has the capability to accept external memory cards too.

Replaced with Microsoft Products

Though Nokia, a product of Microsoft has launched an Android smartphone, the phone has no pre-installed feature for cloud storage from Google. Nokia forces the user to use most of the Microsoft's product, OneDrive.

Also, most of the Google services which comes pre-installed on a usual Android smartphone is not present on Nokia X. Products like Outlook, OneDrive and Skype comes pre-installed on Nokia X. It's clearly seen that Microsoft is trying to bring Android users to Microsoft. This could even make users to switch to Windows Phone for convenience of usage.

Android lags on a lower end hardware

We do accept that Android is much better than other popular mobile operating system but still, Android is working hard on bringing updates for avoiding lag on a lower end handsets while Windows Phone and Apple's iOS don't have any lags on usage.

As per the users' reviews, Nexus from Google is considered as not having much lags but as we go deep, the Nexus comprises of high configuration hardware which apparently makes Android to run smoother.

Nokia X just runs on a 512 MB RAM and 1 GHz processor. Though Nokia might have brought a modified and better performing version of Android to run on their hardware, there are less chance for the operating system to avoid lags.

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Nokia might discontinue support at anytime

We could find clearly that this step to introduce Android smartphone is to imp the Windows Phone. Providing continuous update for Nokia X might be discontinued at anytime for making users to switch Windows Phone.

Main objective is to increase sale

Nokia is not much clear about user comfort on Android. Looking on the device's price and the apps pre-installed, we could easily guess that their objective is to raise the sale of the device and also to welcome users to use Microsoft products. Microsoft well understands that people go crazy for Android and using this craze, they want people to use Microsoft products.

Microsoft calls Google as "Scroogle" and warns you not to get "Scroogled"

Microsoft has proven that Google is trying to get people's personal information through their services offered. Scroogled.com is a Microsoft's initiative which tries people not to use the Google products as the privacy protection is less compared to Microsoft's. Microsoft believes that Google is selling people's private information for advertising.

While Microsoft warns people about the Google products and their privacy, why should they promote Android handsets? There are a lot of advantages for Microsoft by this action.

Android Feels like Windows Phone

Nokia X comes with a modified version of Android which moreover looks like the interface of Android. If you a hardcore Android freak, you may not feel awesomeness when you used other handsets featuring Android. There is no information regarding the rooting for Nokia X still.


Nokia X could be best working smartphone for users who does not use hard. Nokia X might hold plenty of apps but slows down your phone very soon. If you are trying to buy a smarphone with low-budget, then you can go for it. If you love to use Google products on Android, then you may not choose Nokia X as they come with Microsoft products pre-installed. However, you may install it manually.

Photo Credits: Nokia.com

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  • Dilip Win says:

    #1 Low Internal storage?
    4 GB is more enough for a normal smartphone and its with external SD card so this can't be accept as an issue.

    #2 Replaced Microsoft Products:
    What's the problem of not having pre-installed apps. Play store is with tons of apps where one can get more apps than from windows app store.

    #3. Android lags, I accept it. But this can be avoid by rooting the phone.

    #4. Discontinue support?
    Nokia brings android to their product to increase their marketing, so how could they discontinue their support ?

    • Arjun says:

      Thanks for posting your perspective, Dilip. 🙂

      #1 For a hardcore Android user, 4 GB isn't really enough though they could have an external SD card.
      #2 Yup. PlayStore has lot of apps but what if a newbie or a person who is newly introduced to this smartphone world buys this phone? He won't be experiencing the full Android for sure. he may miss a lot of awesomeness packaged with Android.
      #3 A user simply can't root his/her phone. There are risks involved.
      #4 Microsoft aims to bring more users to Microsoft. They are trying to increase the number of users on their products. Well, support may get discontinued after some days of release or with a release of new version, just to make users to go for higher brand or Windows Phone. But still, we can't predict anything. These are just few reasons which people may lack on Nokia X than any other usual Android handset which is equipped with Google products.

  • Viv says:

    Hey Arjun, I'm planning to buy Nokia XL, I guess it has better performance and hardware than X and X+. Please let me know your thoughts about my choice ?, or what you would prefer. See i love nokia smartphones and trust their hardware.

    • Arjun says:

      Yes, Nokia XL has a good specs than Nokia X. You can go for it but my view is, there should be a reason behind why a Microsoft product is releasing a product which is Google's. I believe the users won't get a full Android experience on Nokia Android smartphones than the Samsung, HTC, Micromax or other smartphones. There may be some delay in Android updates for Nokia or may even be stopped at a point of time, may be.

      • Viv says:

        Well, day before yesterday i went to Mobile Store for Nokia X Family review, but the seller said - X+ and XL aren't released in India yet, so i choose to review Nokia X, I really didn't liked it's hardware configuration, but overall performance was stunning and awesome, It runs on Android Kitkat, the seller also had installed lots of latest android apps - so customers can believe. Except camera, display resolution, and RAM i liked every features of Nokia X, Performance was very smooth, for tests - I also played latest android games on it and noticed apps performance, multitasking wasn't much great. Well, that's it ... Now i'm waiting for XL release 🙂


  • Viv says:

    Sorry i forgot it runs on JELLY BEAN! got confused mate.

  • Adithya says:

    i accept it has a low internal storage..but it compare with the same cost of other mobile....it has a same storage..
    and low hardware specifications..but some peoples are seeing processors.. every ne should know that lower end processor doesn't mean lower in performance..nokia used effectively with proper ram & other spares...in higher end processor there may be a high frequency than other mobile..but if it's not designed properly.we can't get full performance..