Reasons Why Blackberry Z10 is Best of all Blackberry Mobiles


Blackberry is a well known phone company and said to be among the third best Smartphone company. Almost everyone wishes to use a blackberry, before Samsung and Apple came in with a better product wish almost everyone who love to use a blackberry was willing to use an iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, this two Smartphone”™s (Samsung galaxy and iPhone) made Blackberry name to go down a bit, it was like they are declining from producing phones but to be frankly speaking they are “NOT”. They suddenly came out with something totally different from their other products; their latest product is really awesome.

I would like to mention some few things that make their new product really different from what they have been producing before.

1. They Made It Different From Their Old Product: Blackberry”™s new product is really different this time; they have been creating the same product for a very long time. Almost all of their products are exactly of the same shape, size and has same features, but just take a look at this new phone, it has lot of new feature and has a very different shape from their old product.

Blackberry Z10 has one other thing that made it unique, the other thing that made it unique is the name; the name of the new phone is totally different from what they have given to old phone, “unlike naming it Curve 12”. The feature is one other thing that made it different from their old product.

2. Feature and Price In India: Blackberry Z10 has some new features that do not exist on their old product, one of them is; The cool 8 Mega Pixel camera.

  • 8 Mega Pixel Camera: Blackberry has always been coming out with something different in camera, now they have come up with something totally different from what they have been doing before. The 8MP camera has a good capability of recording a very clear video of 1080p with a good flash led. Blackberry has also created new featured software called Time Shift, Time Shift is software that you can use to burst shot and select any picture of your choice.
  • Price in India: Blackberry Z10 has no specific price in India as at the main time but the price would soon be announced in India. It is sold for $500+ (for countries that trade with dollars) depending on the place you ordered it from.

Release Date: Blackberry Z10 has no specific date of release, “might have been released by now, but it is not yet available in all market”. The phone is ready in UK right now but for other countries like, US and most other it would be available by March.

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