Purchasing iPhone on Amazon or Flipkart – 3 Things to Check


If you are from India, you might have seen a great sale on Amazon, Flipkart and PayTm Mall. The iPhone and other Apple products’ price were drastically low and the bank offers which provided discounts made more Indians to buy iPhone at affordable prices. iPhone prices are usually less at Arab countries, although not lesser than American countries. The great sale at Amazon, Flipkart and PayTm Mall were selling iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and MacBooks at a price lesser than Arab countries were selling at their prices. Thus, for folks who were planning to iPhone at Arab countires decided to buy during the great sale at Indian e-commerce stores. After purchasing iPhone on Amazon or whatever the Apple products may be, you need to check various things and also be very cautious before believing your all new iPhone or iPad.

Things to Check After Purchasing iPhone on Amazon

There are a lot of things before purchasing iPhone on Amazon, but you have got a checklist that you want to check after purchasing iPhone on Amazon too. You may like the new product but you wouldn’t know what you are losing in your iPhone without the knowledge of you. Have you ever considered how could they sell iPhone on Amazon or Flipkart at such a less price? One reason may be, as the new iPhone roll out, they want to sell previous year iPhone and make their stock empty.

1. Is Your Product New?

There are complaints that people have received a used product from Amazon or Flipkart during the sale. This is very disappointing when you purchase an expensive product online. You had a lot of hopes and what you got was a used iPhone or an iPad.

2. Is Product Purchased From Amazon Genuine?

A lot of chinese makers have cloned iPhone and selling a fake iPhone at less price than we can imagine. The design looks same as the original one, however, you can find out with few differences. Fake iPhone are not perfectly same as original. However, if you are a new iPhone user, you may not notice at the first use. Thus, be careful.
The software installed on iPhone will also look like iOS. Make some old iPhone users to use your new iPhone for sometime to find if they feel premium or not. Old iPhone users can easily find dissimilarities while using a fake iPhone.

3. Check Warranty

This is something that people do not consider checking it. Checking warranty of the product is an important activity after your first use. There are many cases that even a sealed iPhone when turned on for the first time comes without the warranty, or few warranty period is already lapsed. For an iPhone, Apple provides 90 days of free telephone assistance and 1-year for software and hardware repairs. Go to Service and Support Coverage page and enter your iPhone serial number to find out how long is your iPhone’s warranty covered.
Has your new iPhone purchased on Amazon arrived? It is time to check all these. Leave a comment about the new iPhone experience.

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