List of Pixel 3 Problems - Reasons You Shouldn't Buy

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It's been a month since Pixel 3 got announced and the reviews were good enough for a flagship smartphone. However, just after a month, many users on Twitter have started to post Pixel 3 problems that they were facing on both Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Google is known for making a better software for the phone, but when it comes to hardware, Google is still behind most of the competitors.

List of Pixel 3 Problems

Here is a list of Pixel 3 problems that people were facing.

1. Dead Pixels

For not even a month smartphone, the display getting damaged is a nightmare. Some of the folks on Twitter were reporting that Pixel 3 is facing the dead pixel issue where a vertical line is displayed on the screen. The top tech reviewer, Marques Brownlee's phone was also one among the affected ones. Here is a tweet of Pixel 3 that got dead pixels.

Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL has the best display as the display screen is manufactured by Samsung this time. Usually, the dead pixel is a common issue on Samsung smartphones where Samsung is trying hard to fix the issue. Now, Pixel 3 has got the same problem. Hope the affected users should get a replacement of their Pixel 3 from Google.

2. Boot Loop

The software installed on Pixel 3 is the latest version of stock Android. Hence, we do expect a lot of perfection in it. However, few users are reportedly claiming that they have boot loop issues in their Pixel 3, meaning the phone automatically restarts intermittently.

3. Scratches

The "Just Black" variant of Pixel 3 is more vulnerable to scratches. The scratches are clearly visible as the body is black. The other variants too get scratched easily but black makes the scratches more visible. However, this is a minor problem and can be prevented if you use a good quality case.
Pixel 3 Problems Scratches

4. Notch Bug

Notch bug is one of the Pixel 3 problems and is insane. Pixel 3 users are getting an additional notch on the right side of the screen where it shouldn't suppose to happen. Notch on Pixel 3 is already ugly and a double notch makes the phone even more ugly.

5. Poor Memory Management

Pixel 3 features 4 GB of RAM and the way Android Pie uses the memory is terrible. Most of the opened apps close automatically as you open new apps. A 4 GB RAM on another non-Pixel 3 phone, on opening same applications can withstand the app. Google should still optimize the memory management for Pixel 3.


We just discussed various Pixel 3 problems faced by people around the web. These Pixel 3 problems are not for everyone. In some devices, they had this bug and Google should replace them the Pixel 3 for free as it falls under warranty. Usually, companies like Apple replace iPhone for free if a large number of units face certain problems. Some Pixel 3 problems are listed by celebrities and thus people thought that most of the Pixel 3 do have issues. If you are going to buy a Pixel 3, you can go ahead for its software and camera. The world's best smartphone camera is in Pixel 3. You shouldn't forget about it!

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