Leaked: Pixel 3 Lite - Budget Smartphone From Google

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We are already happy with too many flagship smartphones out there in the market. Google has just realized it and is about to release a lighter version of Pixel 3, which probably fits into many people's budget as the specifications are low for a lighter usage. They call it Pixel 3 Lite. Do we really need a budget phone from Google? Let us discuss.

So far we have seen few smartphone manufacturers manufacturing only flagship smartphones so far, like Apple. Although those companies do manufacture budget smartphones, they still do not fit into middle-class person's budget. Such so-called budget smartphones are totally good in terms of quality but the budget is not what they define.

We need to define ourselves whether it is a budget phone or not. Any smartphone that fits in our budget can literally be called as a "budget smartphone". Today there are several rumours that Google might be announcing another variant of Pixel 3, which they may call it as Pixel 3 Lite as the leaked specifications are pretty low that cannot be called as a flagship smartphone.

Pixel 3 Lite may come with Snapdragon 670 CPU with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. This Pixel 3 Lite may not contain a notch but comprise a 5.56-inch display. The battery capacity is 2915 mAh which is same as Pixel 3. Considering the CPU and the battery, the Pixel 3 Lite should last longer than Pixel 3. Pixel 3 Lite could be the best phone who is looking for a lighter usage and longer battery life.

As always, Google Pixel devices do have an amazing camera. Well, we can call the phone itself a camera, instead of a phone - just kidding, Google! Google Pixel 3 had a lot of problems and I hope Google might have fixed in Pixel 3 Lite. Pixel 3 Lite has the capability of running the latest version of Android 9.0.

Google Pixel devices are usually known for getting quick updates and will get the software update for a minimum of 3 years. What is your thought on Pixel 3 Lite? Are you thinking to buy a budget-friendly Google smartphone? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Share this article with your friends and peers...

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