OnePlus 5T vs iPhone X – Face Unlock Comparison

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After the arrival of Apple iPhone X, OnePlus decided to unveil their new flagship OnePlus 5T.  It’s not even half a year since OnePlus 5 got released. This move by OnePlus is the most disappointing for the users who bought OnePlus 5. However, OnePlus is trying to provide the best in the industry and also to beat the competition.

OnePlus made a perfect move in introducing OnePlus 5 just after Apple introduced Face ID, the most debatable feature of the new iPhone X. Consumers are very much happy about getting a device that incorporates both Face Unlock and also a fingerprint.

iPhone X Face ID Recognition


What’s special in iPhone X Face ID?

When we talk about iPhone X’s Face ID, these are the popular questions that pop out of our mind.

  1. Does Face ID work in dark?
  2. Does it recognize if we wear an eye gear?
  3. Does it understand that my face changes over time?

For all the questions, Apple has already answered about Face ID during the launch of iPhone X. The answer to all the questions is, “Yes, it does work!”

As iPhone X uses a TrueDepth sensor and an Infra-Red emitter, the device will be able to recognize in dark or if you wear a hijab or an eye gear or even if you grow beard/moustache. Machine Learning on iPhone X will help understand the changes in the face over time.

Unlocking iPhone X – a two-step process

Another debatable feature of Face ID on iPhone X is, two-step process to unlock the device. Apple has purposefully made the unlocking the iPhone process as a two-step.

When Face ID recognizes your face, iPhone X gets unlocked and you can see notifications that you have received. Once your swipe up your home button (Ey, there’s no button, just swipe up from bottom), your home screen appears.

iOS 11 has a feature to push earlier notifications to bottom and recent notifications on the top in a separate section. Once when you go to home screen, notifications that appeared on your lock screen disappears and you need to swipe up to view earlier notifications.

The two-step unlocking process helps in taking a glance at new notifications.

Lets talk about OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 5T is surely a very big competitor for iPhone X as it had a similar feature of face recognition. Face unlock is not a new feature that Apple introduced first. It existed in older Android smartphones but it used the front camera to unlock the device which got several limitations. Apple did it in a different way and had overcome those limitations.

OnePlus 5T’s face unlock is really fast and it isn’t a two-step unlocking process. Look at the phone and done! The phone uses front camera to recognize the face to unlock.

Does it work in dark?

When Apple has completely introduced the unlocking the device by face using a different concept, OnePlus took a bold move in bringing the face unlock using the old concept of the front camera even after knowing the limitations. Since OnePlus 5T uses the front-facing camera to unlock the phone, face unlock does not work in dark.

However, if your phone’s brightness is more than 50%, the probability to recognize your face is increased. This is the reason why OnePlus did not decide to remove fingerprint unlock.

OnePlus 5T face recognition does not unlock when your eyes are closed, just like iPhone X.

Which is more secure? Face Unlock or Fingerprint?

In my personal opinion, the fingerprint is the most secure way to unlock a phone. I am really happy about the OnePlus that they did not remove the fingerprint unlock like Apple did. Face ID on iPhone X might be secure but when someone takes your phone and show it right in front of your face, it’s done!

At this point, you may say that you can close your eyes to avoid unlocking the phone. However, this is not a satisfying solution to the problem.


iPhone X is costly but the technology that Apple has incorporated feels great in hands and is worth the money. OnePlus is good with consumers who could not afford an iPhone X or consumers who don’t want to spend much on mobile devices since for the money. OnePlus 5T is much satisfying for a normal consumer and also the face unlock is blazing fast than iPhone X. However, the face unlock on OnePlus 5T has limitations. OnePlus 5T and iPhone X – both have advantages and disadvantages.

What’s your opinion on this debate? Do you think OnePlus 5T’s face unlock is more than a sufficient feature for a normal consumer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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