Nokia Music+ : Unlimited Music Downloads for $4

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Music is always a favorite thing for every human. To relieve from stress or pain, music helps a lot. I can say, no one in this world would hate music. Most of the companies give high priority to music. Even, when companies wants to do a video that demonstrates their project to the consumers, a music at the background is highly essential for better reach of that product. A music is a magical thing that can change one's mind. Top companies which produce smartphones give full support to customers by providing additional apps. Here, Nokia has come forward to provide users unlimited music downloads for just $4.

Nokia is already a pioneer in making smartphones. Only thing that they lack is, they never produce smartphone that can run Android.  Though they know that Android is popular among people, Nokia really wants to provide people a different thing but as best as possible. Nokia maintains its name from the start. They mainly stand strong for their phone's quality (both physical and software wise) and the price.

Unlimted Music Downloads with Nokia Music+

Nokia already provides a music app but it provides music for free to the Nokia users. Most of the Nokia phone that comes today are equipped with Nokia Music App. Even, a 2010 manufactured mobile phone, Nokia X2-00 has a Nokia Music App when the software was updated.

Newly, Nokia has announced a premium service for Music Downloads. Not only downloads, but also users can stream music online and they can download any music on the store whatever they like. Nokia users can manage playlists with genre, albums and more. If they don't like any music, they may skip that music. As the service is supposed to be built on Nokia Mixed Radio, it supports online streaming music.

To avail this service, Nokia users have to pay a subscription fee of $4 for United States and Euro 4 for other market. The free service which is actively entertaining users till now will still be available and this will go as a separate service, said the company.

Nokia Music+ will be available in Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia 808 PureView. Music+ will come bundled with Nokia Lumia 920 but Nokia 808 PureView users must update the software to get this service. Nokia said users will be able to access Nokia Music+ through a web app which is coming soon.

Share your comments below. Do you think Nokia Music+ will fly high in the sky?

Share this article with your friends and peers...

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