Nokia is Rumored to Unveil Nokia Lumia Smartphone with PureView Feature

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On Tuesday, Nokia is rumored to unveil a Lumia Windows Phone which has the feature of PureView. Few months back, Nokia released a smartphone powered with Symbian Operating System. That was prestigious Nokia 808 PureView. When Nokia was unveiling the Nokia 808 PureView, they said that they will be unveiling a device which can also work with Windows Phone too. The great feature with Nokia 808 PureView was that, it had 41 Mega Pixel of camera. Only Nokia reached this milestone of integrating such a high quality camera on a smartphone. Now again the mobile giant, Nokia has said that they will be announcing a Lumia smartphone tomorrow. The new Nokia Lumia Smartphone with PureView feature might get released.

Nokia Lumia Smartphone with PureView

Nokia UK has released a demo video on YouTube announcing that they will be releasing a Nokia Lumia smartphone by tomorrow (14/05/2013). You can watch the video below which was uploaded by Nokia UK.

[youtube mCD6VI5VmGE]

Nokia 808 pureView, though it had high talk in the market, people didn't go for such a smartphone as it was powered by Symbian operating system.

Symbian was good when they started it but later their development graph went down. Learn more about the fall of Symbian.

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Now if this rumor becomes true, then Nokia's PureView technology might still get popular among the people. People trust more on Windows Phone than Symbian. Obviously, Lumia versions of Nokia should be powered by Windows Phone. When people get both PureView technology and Windows Phone platform, then people would go for Nokia rather choosing an Android smartphone.

These days, people are much confused in buying a smartphone. Selecting a smartphone is much difficult than choosing a girlfriend. Android lovers recommend you to buy Android smartphones whereas Windows Phone users recommend you to buy a Windows Phone device. Also, an iOS user loves his iPhone the most.

So, it is much better to analyze ourselves with our needs. Before buying a smartphone, it is better to hear a review from a site which supports both Android and Windows Phone equally.

What if, tomorrow's Nokia Lumia smartphone contained a 41 Mega Pixel camera? Will you be in eager to buy or you won't? Comment your thoughts below!

Update: Nokia has finally unveiled Nokia Lumia smartphone with PureView technology but not as expected as Nokia 808 but the smartphone which was unveiled today was Nokia Lumia 925 which contained 8.7 Mega pixel of camera.  The picture captured from the camera would be much lucid than we use a normal 8.7 mega Pixel mobile cameras.

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