Nokia Lumia 520 on EBay at $240

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Windows Phone is now becoming much popular among the people around the world. Some of the country has really leaded the sales of Apple iPhone. However, they still didn”™t lead the sales of Android Smartphone. Recently, there was a good talk about the Nokia Lumia 520. The features of the new Nokia Lumia 520 are much pretty with respect to its price. The all new Nokia Lumia is expected to release in the month of April but as far now, a top rated seller on EBay is now giving away the new Nokia Lumia 520 for $240.

Nokia Lumia 520 on EBay

The EBay seller is selling away the all new Nokia Lumia 520 in both black and red color. The seller has announced that only networks which provide 3G bands at 900/2100 MHz frequency can buy the phone as the phone which he is selling is not the phone same which will be there in official release. He sells the factory unlocked original Nokia Lumia 520 handset. The seller has also informed that the T-Mobile USA and AT&T Data work only with the EDGE connection and not with 3G or 4G technology.

The new Nokia Lumia 520 can work in any GSM network but the above limitation applies for T-Mobile and AT&T.

The Nokia Lumia 520 which he sells will satisfy the hardware configuration as prescribed by the Nokia earlier. The new Nokia Lumia 520 powered by Windows Phone 8 runs with a dual core 1 GHz processor. The phone has a rear camera of 5 Mega Pixel which is much better for this price. The talk time of the phone in 3G connection is 9.6 hours and the standby time is around 360 hours. It can play music for 61 hours approximately depending on the battery power.

The Nokia Lumia 520, when it gets released officially will be available in five different colors, namely, yellow, blue, red, white and black but the seller at EBay sells only the black and red color. The display screen is sized 4 inches which provides a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels.

The Nokia Lumia 520 sold at EBay is not a duplicate product. They are from the factory which is unlocked. It has some limitations with 3G network and other network but all other hardware are genuine.

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