Nokia Dual SIM Touch Phone – Nokia Asha 308


Nokia now launches a new dial SIM Touch screen Phone. Usually, people think that Dual SIM card phones are very slow and have some bugs. But, Nokia after the number of experiments, they have created a better phone than ever which is sold for a reasonable price. Though there is a craze for smartphone among people,some people, as they love to stay in a budget price mobile, they go for Nokia and Samsung Mobiles. Both Nokia and Samsung provides touch screen phones at lower price. Since, People believe that Nokia Mobile phones are most trustworthy, people go for Nokia. The reason behind this is, they have become the pioneer in making mobile phones before Samsung.

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Nokia has released many models of Nokia Asha. Some of them have both touchscreen and dual SIM feature. But, this time, Nokia Asha 308 which was launched in India is available at the most affordable price. The price of Nokia Asha 308 is about Rs. 5,685. Dual SIM card in Nokia Asha 308 has brought a way to swap SIM cards easily. It’s now more easier to use both SIM cards for different tasks. For example, you can use one for browsing internet, other for making calls, one for chatting, another for playing etc. You can allocate your SIM cards for desired tasks. Without even having to switch off your mobile, you can swap your SIM cards easily for different tasks.

Nokia Asha 308 has an Internal memory of 64 MB and can be extended by using a microSD card up to 32 GB. The mobile is powered by series 40 operating system and supports large number of applications from series 40 app store. The mobile can hold up to 2000 contacts. One of the prominent feature in Nokia Asha 308’s Email feature is, you can read an Email with HTML effects. Usually previous mobile like Nokia X2-00 provided only plain text Email to read, however the Email is powered by HTML.

Features available in Nokia Asha 308 is quite worthy for Rs. 5,685. Are you a Nokia lover? Share your comments here about Nokia Asha 308.

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