Nokia and Samsung in December 2012

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The two top seller of mobile phones, namely, Nokia and Samsung has released phone models in December 2012. Samsung has unveiled a smartphone and Nokia has unveiled a smartphone and a dual SIM mobile phone. The dual SIM mobile phone released by Nokia is specific in countries like India. Nokia Asha 205 can have a direct access to Facebook and it is said t be more friendly for the users of Facebook. Now a days, we could see people who have become addicted to Facebook. And, even me. Nokia Asha 205 can provide a direct access to Facebook. Smartphones unveiled by Nokia is Lumia 505 and Samsung has unveiled Galaxy Grand.

Nokia Asha 205 December 2012

The Samsung Galaxy Grand looks moreover like a Samsung Galaxy S3 in design. The company has unveiled the phone specifications but has not disclosed the price and release date of Samsung Galaxy Grand. The Samsung is expected to release in the upcoming year. Samsung really wants to create a suspense for sometime as they did at the time of Samsung galaxy S3. Samsung is working hard to make people into their customers. Google has really boosted their development process with Android.

Samsung Galaxy Grand comprises of a Dual Core CPU which runs at 1.2 GHz. The 5 inch touchscreen can support Multi touch. The primary camera of Samsung Galaxy Grand is of 8 Mega Pixel and it also contains a secondary camera of 2 Mega Pixel. The video camera can record at 1080p full HD. Samsung Galaxy Grand performs faster with 1 GB RAM. The internal memory of Galaxy Grand is said to have 8 GB. The memory can be extended with a microSD memory card up to 32 GB. Added features like Geo Tagging, Face tagging are also featured in Galaxy Grand. It has also smile recognition where if a person smiles while capturing a snap, it can automatically capture it.

Samsung Galaxy Grand December 2012

Nokia always has their own path. Nokia doesn't want to choose Android for some reasons but they try to attract customers by making Windows Mobile. Though Windows Phone is not used widely, there are chances for people to switch from Android to Windows Phone. They are vigorously releasing Windows Phone now. The phone name coded as Lumia comes only with Windows Phone Operating System. As Windows is the Operating System used widely in personal computer and laptops, there can be chances that Windows can even become popular on Mobile phones too.

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Nokia Lumia 505 comprises of a single core CPU which runs at the speed of 800 MHz. The physical memory of Nokia Lumia 505 is said to have 256 MB of RAM. It comes with Windows Phone 7.8 which can run more efficiently on such processor. The camera which is a Carl Zeiss Technology based, is of 8 Mega Pixel.

Nokia Lumia 505 December 2012

Nokia Lumia 505 is expected to be released soon in upcoming year in Mexico but the release date in other countries has not yet been disclosed.

On comparing the configuration, the cost of the Nokia Lumia 505 can be cheap when compared to the Samsung Galaxy Grand. There is a sure treat for both Nokia and Samsung Fans.

Where do you go for? Are you waiting for Samsung Galaxy Grand? Share your thoughts in comments.

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