Nokia 808 PureView: Pricing in India

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The most expected mobile of Nokia which contains 41 Mega Pixel of camera has really attracted the hearts of people all over the world. Even a photographer supports this. However, it won't come like a DSLR camera. The clarity and resolution of the picture taken is just awesome. A Carl Zeiss Lens technology which has been built in the mobile camera. The phone is powered by Symbian Belle Operating system. Nokia has promised to bring out such camera in Windows powered mobiles in future.

The internal storage of 16 GB allows you to store your captured stills, photos or even videos. The phone enables you to record a High Definition 1080p video recording. You can use a memory card up to 48 GB which will also be used for same purposes. Not only for storing images and videos, and also for your documents and other stuffs what your smartphone will make use of. The cost of the Nokia 808 PureView has been fixed as 450 Euros at the time of release in Europe. Now, Nokia has decided to sell the mobiles in Indian market too.

A Price was fixed as Rs. 29,999 as the rate to be sold in India. India is one of the country where people uses more Nokia mobiles than other brands. It has now become a trust to people towards Nokia. Nokia is best known for its quality and worth in India. Special made Indian mobiles always attract the Indian market because of the cheap cost but worthy to buy them.


As Nokia 808 PureView is concerned, people think that the price is much better for a 41 Mega Pixel of camera and its other specifications. The Phone runs in a speed of 1.3 GHz CPU which is better than a Apple iPhone's Processor but not with same processor. Nokia 808 PureView contains ARM 11 Processor.

The hardware configuration cannot be told as too good for such mobiles but a user can get satisfied with this. Smartphones has now started growing in India. The growth rate of smartphones in India has been increased than the previous years. Nokia 808 PureView might give people a satisfactory and a good feed back to Nokia for its new Technology.

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