Nokia's 41 MP PureView in Lumia [Leaked]

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Nokia, at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2012 unveiled its great technology of integrating a carl zeiss lens of 41 Mega Pixel. Nokia has planned to integrate the Nokia's 41 Mega Pixel PureView in Lumia smartphone which is completely powered by a Windows based operating system. Nokia 808 PureView which is said to be operated in a Symbian interface is in verge of extinction. Not the phone, but usage stats of Symbian usage seems to be dull these days after the rise of popular platforms like Android, Windows and improvement of iOS.

PureView basically brands the quality of the camera. The awesome technology which came for mobile devices, really looks a milestone for mobile technology. No one gave it. Nokia introduced it. But people don't want to choose that mobile as it is powered by Symbian. For now, Symbian Platform don't provide apps like Android and other platforms provide. Don't provide in the sense is, it doesn't provide applications in large quantity like other provide.


Nokia has planned to integrate its PureView, that is, 41 Mega Pixel Carl Zeiss lens with a Winodws powered Nokia smartphone. This will give a big hit to market because Winodws is one of the most used smartphone platforms. But I agree, not far like iOS and Android. Windows looks to be improving a lot after the introduction of Windows 8 smartphone. Now, they sound only running a Windows 8 RT (For Tablets) and not the original version of Windows 8. Soon, Windows 8 will be released and the Microsoft has scheduled to release their Windows 8 release date to be October, 2012. I hope, Windows will provide a stable Windows 8 platform for smartphones too at that time.

Already, most of the Nokia Lumia mobiles are powered by Windows operating system and also there is a good hike in market for Nokia Lumia phones. Some complaints are reported for Nokiia 808 PureView that it has a low quality screen density and poor hardware configuration. Nokia thinks, that if Pureview technology is brought into Lumia, then quality will improve further. Windows platform would also give a better path for enhancing the quality of the display.

It is said to be coming soon. Nokia Pureview in Lumia will be seen live very soon, says Richard Kerris, VP of Worldwide Developer Relations.

Some of the photos are leaked. They reveal the model of the phone, Nokia Lumia PureView. Most of the users dislikes this model and design but it is still not confirmed that the below pictures reveal the Nokia Lumia PureView. We expect a good design.

If you have any thoughts about the integration of PureView in Lumia mobiles, you may share with us in comments.

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