iOS 6: The Next Generation Platform of iDevices

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Apple has become the most popular product after its launch of iPhone 4S. The product brings more unique features than other mobile products bring to the market. The most smart and intelligent phone is always certified to Apple products. The evolution of Siri has attracted many youngsters. This made more people to buy an intelligent smartphone.  Apple is considered to be the product where 80 percent of the users uses the latest version on their Apple Product.
The iOS 6 update will be available for update this fall. Apple didn't give the exact date for the release of iOS 6. The latest firmware will be available with lots of features contained in it. Apple has introduced Facebook integration on the device so that Sharing of photos, videos, links or any other stuffs can be shared easily from any application without closing the application. When you capture a photo or video, you may just share it on world's largest and #1 social networking site, Facebook. Facebook has introduced the App store, so that when you like any app on the App store, your friend's will get notified in their news feed.

Not only the Facebook integration matters in iOS 6. The intelligent product, Apple has brought many changes in Maps. Get a 3D structures of the building and it also features audio instructions turn by turn of the street. It displays the street name and where do they belong. You may drive a car with the help of maps. Using earphone, you may hear to the instructions said by the map. Wherever, you go, get real time traffic updates so that when you are at a place of  higher traffic, you may go in an alternative way for reaching the destination sooner and safer.
The most popular application which responds to human voices with accurate reply is Siri. Apple has made more improvements in Siri. Till now, there is a support for English language only. In iOS 6, Apple has announced that Siri will speak in different languages and the accuracy of the reply is still increased. Apple has also made Siri to understand Indian English more accurately. Siri in iOS 6 may have facility to look for nearby hotels when asked. You may also reserve any hotel for breakfast or lunch or dinner using Siri. Siri can also find the price of each food that you inquire. Apple has improved Siri for opening applications. Just tell Siri, Launch Teamviewer. Siri will open the application for you.

The Next is Passbook. The intelligent smartphone can detect where you are and what are the things you would require when you are at that place. For Example, when you are in a train, if you have any boarding ticket in your phone, it automatically pops out the ticket so that you can show your ticket to the Ticket Examiner easily. Just swipe the screen to get the full details of your pass. When you're standing in a wrong platform or Flight terminal, your Passbook can sense your location to alert you about the wrong location for the boarding.


The Phone call feature is still more equipped with more features. When you're busy, and when you get a call at that time, you may just decline the call. Your device will show you some basic message templates like, I'll call you later, I'm on the way, What's up or even, you may write a custom message. This feature would be useful when you're not in a mood to do a voice call or your surroundings. Send a text message quickly so that your friend or colleagues won't get hurt for your call decline. Another interesting feature in the iOS 6 is, you may also activate the Do not disturb feature so that you may sleep peacefully. The device lets you to set a time interval so that your call between that period will be made silent. You won't be hearing anymore noises to get disturbed. You may also send a quick voice mail to the person when you decline a call.
 The FaceTime feature, which will never let you to miss your friends or colleagues. Using WiFi, you may do a FaceTime call even with your iPad or iPod touch just by dialing the phone number. This works on many devices.

The browser Safari is still improved. Share any links with your friends on Facebook. You can view webpage without any disturbances. Tilting your phone in a landscape manner will show you web page in a full screen manner so that you can browse on the internet without any disturbances of menus.

iOS 6 also let you find the stolen phone. When your phone is lost, you may track your phone using iCloud and lock your phone immediately. A four digit pass code can be set to unlock the phone so that when you get back the phone, you may use that code to unlock it. A message with a contact number can also be made to display so that the person who got your phone might call you back to return the phone.

The iOS 6 is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 4G, iPad 2 and the new iPad. Feel free to comment your review about iOS 6.

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