Mi Band 3 Detects Heartbeat On Toilet Paper

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We buy fitness trackers to track steps, distance moved and heartbeat. We all thought that any fitness trackers could only track hearteat only from a human body but the way trackers are build is not the way we think. An experiment on fitness trackers detecting heartbeat is done by Abacus and have posted a video about the same. Mi Band 3 detects heartbeat on toilet paper. Surprising, isn't it? Not only Mi Band 3 but also Apple Watch, Android Wear and other fitness trackers that are capable of detecting heartbeat do detect heartbeat when it is made to measure from a toilet paper.

How Mi Band 3 Detects Heartbeat?

Mi Band 3 detect heartbeat not only from a toilet paper but also on any of the surface. If you tie Mi Band 3 on banana, or a tea cup, the fitness tracker detects that there is a heartbeat and shows you a reading. This is because, all the fitness trackers beam a green light to a surface and the surface absorbs the green light. When more green light is absorbed, the fitness tracker detects that the heartbeat is high and if it absorbs less green light, the heartbeat is low.


When the fitness tracker is tied on a human hand, the fitness tracker beams a green light to the wrist of the body. Since blood is continuously flowing in the human body, more green light is absorbed when blood runs faster and less green light is absorbed when blood flows slower. Heart pumps the blood and the hearbeat can be determined by the blood flow. This way of detecting heartbeat optically is known as Photoplethysmography (PPG). PPG is a low cost technique to detect the heartbeat in a human body.


Although the fitness trackers can detect the heartbeat on any surface when it is placed on, the fitness trackers can still detect accurate heartbeat when it measures from human body because the technique is just made for it. And this does not mean that the fitness trackers show random values of heartbeat.

Do you own a fitness tracker? Did you test it on any other surface to measure heartbeat? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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