LG Unbreakable and Flexible Display Smartphone

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Recently, we saw many smartphone manufacturers bringing out their own unique products to the market. Some of the smartphone giants brought high quality camera feature which really became a milestone for mobile technology. The all new Nokia PureView feature and HTC One UltraPixel brought several changes to this mobile world. A few months ago at CES 2013, we saw Samsung unveiling its flexible screen which made most of the customers to buy. Now, LG too has brought the same with lot more expectations among the people. LG unbreakable and flexible display will really compete with lot of smartphones that might be released soon.

LG Unbreakable and flexible display smartphone

The release date of new LG smartphone with unbreakable and flexible display hasn't been announced yet but it has been said that the phone will hit the market soon by this year's end. The company has told that this innovation in display screens in smartphones will really welcome more number of people on the globe. Also, these display screens will be designed in such a way that it can release less heat and consume less weight.


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The all new 5-inch display screen will come with a new model in LG smartphone and the company will be announcing it later. As far now, LG is not much popular as compared to Samsung and Nokia. People who consume LG smartphones are just because they can get a high quality Android smartphone with price lesser than Samsung and other smartphones. This new feature which will be introduced by LG will really make minds of the people to go for LG smartphones.

LG Optimus is now the smartphone which is popular among the people. Previously, LG smartphones didn't had a good touch sensitive screen but now, LG has really developed a lot where LG smartphones have great compatibility with Android operating system and also the touch sensitive screen is much more sensitive like Samsung and other quality touch screen smartphones.

So, what is your opinion about LG's new unbreakable and flexible smartphone? Do you recommend LG? Comment below your thoughts.

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  • It seems really unbreakable. Nokia no more remains a leader in making unbreakable phones technically!

  • Anand says:

    Awesome !!! invention on smart phone gallery. Its more flexible for usage purposes. Your updation of information is nice.