iPhone SMS Security Flaw : Never Trust SMS received in iPhone

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We trust Apple for the brand name and the services they provide. But, after hearing continuous security flaws of iOS, people's confident level  has decreased a bit lower. Recently, we posted about the security flaw in iCloud, where an hacker was able to wipe off all data on iPhone, iPad and was even able to delete Google account and was also able to compromise Twitter account. A hacker who named himself as 'pod2g' has identified a flaw in iPhone SMS Security. It was known that the problem was already found since Apple brought the SMS feature in their iPhone.

iPhone SMS Security Flaw

 As the flaw is supposed to be in the iPhone SMS since the launch of SMS feature in iPhone, the hacker guesses that Apple must have know about the issue. The issue is considered to be very serious  than ever. This flaw can bring lot of damages not only to tech field but also to people and nation, sometimes.

You might have very well known about SMS spoofing. The iPhone paves way for spoofing an SMS. A hacker can easily change the reply-to number and send to anyone. Other smartphone, than iPhone, when reply-to number changes, the phone will display both the original number, sent from, that is the source and also the reply-to number. But this, actually fails in iPhone's SMS feature. When iPhone receives such message, it shows the reply-to number as the source.

I hope, one might know how bad and serious will a SMS spoofing will be. Anyone can get details of personal identities like credit card details and much more. A fake evidence can be created for robbing money and doing things. See, one might send an SMS to you if you have an iPhone as though the  person is from a bank and can collect details from you easily.

So, Apple have to concentrate much on this. But, one might say that this article as a old news as the flaw was found since the launch of SMS feature in iPhone on 2007. The thing is, Apple has not even fixed this issue in iOS 6. The hacker who found this issue reported on a blog post about this issue.

It's advised to not to trust any SMS received in your iPhone. One must clearly check the messages received in iPhone that it is from a trusted sender or not. If an SMS requests for credit card details or Internet banking log in credentials, you must be beware of it.

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Share this article with your friends and peers...

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