iPhone 8 Specs and Design Will Outrank Pixel

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After the launch of Google Pixel, reviewers reviewed Google Pixel for the first time and amazed of its quality and wondered of becoming a competitor for iPhone. Except Google Pixel, no other smartphone have come close to camera quality of iPhone. Google Pixel was the first to enter into market to outrank iPhone. While Apple have finished devleoping its iPhone 7, the company might have already started their development for the next iPhone. The only question is, the next iPhone is going to be a iPhone 7S or iPhone 8? By looking backwards, Apple had a pattern of releasing the iPhone models. The iPhone 7S might be the next upgrade of iPhone. While Google Pixel has already outranked iPhone 7 camera, how the next iPhone 8 specs and design will outrank Pixel.

iPhone 8 Specs and Design will outrank Google Pixel

Pixel was never expected to outrank iPhone

Google made a biggest decision of making their own product for Android. However, Google has never stopped providing their updates to other hardware manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC or Sony. Google's first smartphone, Pixel is never expected to outank iPhone 7's camera but it still did, that's a great news for Android fanboys.


Curved OLED Display

Apple will be celebrating 10th anniversary of iPhone next year. Apple has already developed more than 10 prototypes for next iPhone and it is rumoured to have curved OLED display like the one in Samsung S7 Edge. Again a copy? Well, this time its Apple! But its a sure scenario that Apple is never going to copy exactly as same as Edge's display. Apple might bring same type of display with different mechanisms invloved.


Apple, from the beginning stage, is very particular about the memory management. iOS runs smoothly on just 1 GB of RAM but still Apple made a decision to upgrade its RAM during the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus launch. This is much of a needed upgrade for customers but for Apple, the company is still accepting Apps on their App Store only if the app takes lesser memory on runtime. Apple just do not want their users to have an app that lags due to less memory.


As said previously, Apple is working on a unique design for the next iPhone that rumours says Apple is ready with more than 10 prototypes and each is in investigation to start its development. Apple has got a single and heavy competitor, Google. In the next iPhone, will Apple again become a company where other companies can find a hard way to outrank them?


One of the biggest hurdle that most of the smartphone companies face is, the battery life time. This is one of the most crucial factor for the success of the device. Both hardware and software should give a better battery life for the device. Apple, in most of their release is careful in choosing a battery span. Next iPhone should have a better battery life than the preceeders.

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