Can iPad Pro Replace Laptop? No, Galaxy Note 9 Can. - Here's Why

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Are you looking for a tablet that replaces your laptop? Apple has been marketing their new iPad Pro as a replacement for your laptop. The all-new iPad Pro scores a benchmark where it outranks most of the commercial laptop out there in the market. Though the iPad Pro is powerful than most of the laptops, after using the iPad Pro to replace laptop that we use daily, it surely isn't the solution. Apple's iOS is still far away from supporting desktop applications on iPad Pro. However, Galaxy Note 9 can be your laptop alternative as it is almost as powerful as iPad Pro and also has a lot of features that can replace laptop.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 replace laptop

Multitasking is Better

iPad Pro scores a better benchmark than Galaxy Note 9 but the iOS is capable of splitting only two apps at the same time, although you can switch to the third app. On Galaxy Note 9, apps can float over the screen just like you move the window on a desktop. Samsung has improved the memory optimization with their software and hence gives a fluid experience while multitasking. Galaxy Note 9 can be connected to an external display and a whole desktop experience become true from a smartphone.


External Mouse & Keyboard

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has the ability to connect to a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. If you do not have a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard, you can use a USB Type-C connector and can connect a keyboard or a mouse with the help of an adapter. In an iPad Pro, you cannot connect a magic mouse. The Apple manufactured keyboard for iPad Pro is the only keyboard that works with the iPad Pro. There may be certain third-party keyboard manufacturers too.

We do prefer a mouse while on a laptop or a desktop. If you are using a laptop with a touchscreen, be honest and let me know in comments about how frequently you do use your touchscreen? I bet you use it frequently for scrolling while reading and nothing more.


Either Galaxy Note 9 or iPad Pro are not cheaper than a laptop but they are portable. Galaxy Note 9 is cheaper than an iPad Pro, hence, this could also be a reason why you can choose a Galaxy Note 9 over iPad Pro. While you look for a portable device for just basic usage, why to spend an extra penny while you can do more on a Galaxy Note 9.


If you have an external keyboard, a mouse and an external display at both home and work, Galaxy Note 9 will be the best device to replace laptop. Also, if you do only web surfing, email, music and movies, Galaxy Note 9 and also iPad Pro might be the best alternatives to look upon. If you want a full-fledged portable desktop experience, you should actually buy a laptop or a desktop. Galaxy Note 9 and iPad Pro might be the new generation minicomputers running mobile applications. It surely cannot give a total experience of a desktop. This is not the end though. iPad Pro is capable enough for heavier tasks than a laptop could, hence developments in software would surely replace laptop.

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