iPad Pro Bendgate - Bends and Breaks Easily!

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I was personally using a lot of Apple devices so far, but also respected Android devices. My love towards Apple is degrading day-by-day when I see Apple keeps a high pricing but manufactures low-quality devices. The new iPad Pro bendgate is trending right now over the globe after a YouTube channel, JerryRigEverything posted a video where the person could easily bend an iPad Pro 2018 easily.

The channel JerryRigEverything is a popular YouTube channel which posts DIY videos. Everytime a new phone or tablet is launched, JerryRigEverything publishes a video where he travels us through the internal of the phone or tablet. This time Jerry bought a new iPad Pro and posted a video showing how rigid the new iPad Pro is.

Jerry usually starts from testing the display, outer design, camera and then jump to internal of the device. While he was doing it, Jerry found that the iPad Pro display started to scratch at 6th level. Unlike other flagship devices, Apple gets scratches sooner. Also, the sapphire glass over the rear camera is easily damaged. However, a good quality sapphire glass should actually last longer. Hence, he dislikes Apple incorporating such a low-quality sapphire glass over an overpriced Apple device.


Jerry then tests the rear design of the iPad Pro 2018 and check if he can scratch it easily. However, he was able to draw a face of Spider-Man and chuckles remembering Apple's statement of ability to draw on iPad Pro 2018 easily. Jerry adds that Apple has forgotten to say the side of the iPad Pro.

Now, its time to show the new iPad Pro bendgate. Just with a simple bend with hand, Jerry was able to bend the entire 12.9 inch iPad Pro 2018 and show us a new iPad Pro bendgate. The all-new iPad Pro is very thin in design. Apple has forgotten to remember how iPhone 6 Plus bendgate went viral and Apple was criticized back in 2014.

iPad Pro Bendgate

Apple is expert in design. We all know that iPad Pro 2018 has a beautiful design and the thickness is thinner than any other tablets out there in the market. No other brand came even close to what iPad offers. It's not a surprise when Apple showed us how much units of iPad have been sold compared to other vendors "Notebooks".

It was the first time when iPhones were made thinner, they were criticized for bendgate issue on iPhone. That was the time when the design was upgraded. iPhone 5 was bulkier while iPhone 6 and above became thin. Now it's time for iPad Pro design refresh, thus again criticized. In 2014, when iPhone 6 Plus faced the bendgate issue, the very next year Apple launched iPhone 6s with a lot of design stability. The aluminium covering the device was made sturdy to overcome the issue. This improvement resulted in an increase of the device's weight by a few grams.

iPad Pro 2018 is also a design refresh similar to iPhone 6 to 6s transformation. Apple did not learn from past or Apple might have made this purposefully on launching a thinner and lightweight device so that when they launch a new iPad Pro next year or so, they can completely hide the fact about the increase of device's weight but can boast about the fixing of the rigid design. Apple's way of marketing is tricky and anyone should learn from them.

New iPad Pro bendgate does not mean that you should not buy the new iPad Pro. I still use iPhone 6 Plus which was famous for the bendgate issue. My iPhone hasn't bent and I handle it with care. We buy iPad to draw or write or watch a movie and no one buys it to bend them. However, if you have any child at your home, you need to be careful with your iPad Pro 2018.

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