iPad Pro 2018 - Should You Upgrade?

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The Apple Special Event that was held on October 30, 2018 was a great event for iPad Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini users. A lot of refresh on these product line-ups has really surprised everyone. Unlike iPhone X leaks, these products did not have any leaks before the event, that was one of the reason why the event was surprising. This year, the iPad Pro 2018 has been upgraded and features all new Apple technologies such as Liquid Retina display and Face ID.

iPad Pro 2018

Super Thin

The all-new iPad Pro comes with both 11 inch and 12.9 inch variants and are smaller than the previous version of iPad Pro as the bezels were reduced. The new iPad Pro is 25% lighter than the old iPad Pro. The thinckness of the iPad Pro 2018 is 5.9 mm which is 15% thinner than the previous model. A light weight and a thin iPad Pro is all we wanted to easily carry. iPad Pro 2018 is one of the thinnest iPad Pro that Apple has ever made.


Support for Apple Pencil

iPad Pro 2018 features an induction charger to charge Apple Pencil. The redesigned new Apple Pencil has got rid of the lightning port and the only way to charge the Apple Pencil is to charge by placing on iPad Pro 2018. The new Apple Pencil hence does not work on previous version of iPad Pro.

Face ID

Apple is trying to completely get rid of Face ID, however, we do not have any clue why MacBook line-ups are still using Touch ID. The all-new MacBook Air 2018 features a Touch ID instead of Face ID. The new iPad Pro has got Face ID just like the latest iPhone. The Face ID on new iPad Pro works on any direction, whether you have your iPad Pro in portrait mode or even on landscape mode. Hence, Face ID is better with iPad Pro 2018.

Charging Output

iPad Pro 2018 features a USB Type-C port where you can connect external display and other devices. The port has charging output and hence you can charge your iPhone or any device with the port on-the-go.

Liquid Retina Display

Apple has finally switched to Liquid Retina Display from Retina display. This display is same as the one featured in iPhone Xr but always know that bigger display means a great experience.

Dual SIM

Like iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, iPad Pro 2018 WiFi + Cellular version features eSIM technology. iPad Pro 2018 is also a dual SIM device where a SIM is actually a Nano SIM and an another one is an eSIM.

Storage up to 1 TB

This time, iPad Pro 2018 features whopping 1 TB of storage. Thus more space like your desktop to store massive amounts of documents and photos. If you are looking for such storage iPad, you can definitely go for iPad Pro 2018.

Should You Upgrade to iPad Pro 2018?

With all the new features listed above, the new iPad Pro has same battery life as the previous versions of iPad Pro. However, despite the bigger screen the iPad Pro still manages to provide 10 hours of battery life through watching videos over WiFi. This is a great device to watch movies, or if you are a designer, iPad Pro 2018 + Apple Pencil will provide you a great experience. If you are using a previous version of iPad Pro and if you are waiting for the upgrade, the new iPad Pro is a worth upgrade.

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