How To Wireless Charge iPhone 7 & Earlier

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Wireless charging is the new wave of technology that is being integrated in most of the recent flagship smartphones. While Samsung brought wireless charging first into their flagship smartphones compared to their competitors, Apple and Google were late in bringing wireless charging. However, several third-party vendors have come forward to manufacture wireless charging receiver for old phones that does not come with wireless charging. Here is how to wireless charge iPhone 7 or earlier.

Amazon is equipped with several electronic devices. One of the cool devices found was, a wireless charger receiver chip that can convert old iPhone to charge wireless. The wireless charger receiver chip is connected to the lightning port of the iPhone. Again when we use a lightning port to charge, it does not really mean a "Wireless Charging" but the device can be made to charge on a Qi Wireless charger. The Wireless Charger receiver chip is just a thin sheet which can be kept inside your case and the lightning cable can be connected when you keep on a wireless charger.

Wireless Charge iPhone


Though it does not give a satisfaction of "wireless charging", you will still be able to charge your iPhone 7 or iPhone 6 on wireless charger. Are you one among to buy this charger? It is already available on Amazon. This seems to be the only way to wireless charge your old iPhone without breaking it. There are not a lot of companies manufacturing such devices, but still, this is a cool piece of alternative for charging old iPhone in a wireless charger.

Link to Buy Wireless Charging Receiver Chip

Here is Amaozn India link to buy Wireless Charging receiver chip for your iPhone 7 and earlier versions.

Are you heading to buy to wireless charge iPhone 7 or earlier? What do you think about this piece of technology. The chip costs very less than imagined.

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