Tablet Computers for Education : HCL MyEdu and HCL Me

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Education in India has become more important. Not only in India. Generally, education is always more important in one's life. The skills inside a person is identified only with the help of education. Technology has been improved now that students can learn easily from any source. The best and important resource for education is Internet. It has opened eyes for many people. HCL, a leading computer maker has given more importance towards education and has created a way enhance a child's education. A tablet computer has been manufactured specially for education purposes. HCL MyEdu and HCL Me has been launched by the company recently. It becomes more portable and high mobility when tablet computers for education is utilized by the students.

Tablet Computers for Education

HCL, as giving a much importance towards Indian system of education, it gives NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training. HCL MyEdu is much suited for education purpose. The computer is powered by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). It runs on a 1 GHz CPU. Other than NCERT eBooks offer, they also aim at K-12 education. The tablet computer is manufactured in a such a way that a child's parent can assess the progress of their child regarding their education. The company has also agreed to develop applications for NCERT syllabus. HCL MyEdu contains a 2 Mega Pixel camera. HCL MyEdu is available at Rs. 9,999. The HCL MyEdu is worth buying because stuffs that can enrich the knowledge  has been concentrated more. Quizzes, interactive 2D and 3D contents have been included in the tab.


HCL Me have similar configuration as that of HCL MyEdu. They can be expanded up to 32 GB f memory. The internal memory is just 4 GB. Though HCL Me is not exclusively designed for education, they offer great capability in entertainment. It features a 512 MB DDR2 RAM which is more sufficient for faster computing experience on tablet computers. HCL Me contains no camera. It can play 1080p high definition videos well. The cost of HCL Me is just Rs. 7,999.

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