Google Talking Shoe : Funny and Motivational Commentary

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Google has made a several changes in this tech world. Most of the changes brought by them really enhances the human life. With technology, they make the human life more easier. After the development of Google Glass, there comes the development of Google Talking Shoe. Google Talking Shoe has been developed by partnering with Zach Lieberman and YesYesNo. The result of the experiment in connected objects is Google Talking Shoe.

Google Talking Shoe contains a computer chip attached in an Adidas shoe. Google has unveiled this type of Adidas smart shoe recently. This will be coming to market soon but only after Google Glass. After people heard about Google Glass and Google Talking Shoe, there has been a talk whether Google had jumped into such business but reality is, they need to bring people the most out of the technology.

Google Talking Shoe


The smart shoe contains a Gyroscope, a Pressure Sensor, Accelerometer and Bluetooth. Google Talking Shoe will share timely, funny and motivating commentary on Google+. It is said that, this type of sharing is fully controlled by the user. Also, the Google Talking Shoe will be connected to your Android smartphone through Bluetooth so that it can use your phone's internet connection to publish commentaries. The Talking Shoe also contains an on board speaker that can speak up every commentary that it speaks.

Google Talking Shoe can detect whatever an action performed by an user. When a user plays basketball in a court, it just says accurately that you are playing basketball. It can sense your speed and velocity when you move.

In future, Google Talking Shoe might replace many. Machines might start to speak than the humans. Google Talking Shoe might become a boon for social networking lovers who always shares everything social networking sites. With Google Talking Shoe, each move of them is automated.

Watch the below video to know more about the Google Talking Shoe.

[youtube VcaSwxbRkcE]

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