Google Pixel 3 Specs : Are Rumours & Leaks True?

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Google Pixel 3 is the most expected flagship smartphone from Google that is yet to be announced on October 9, 2018. There have been several rumours and leaks going on around the social media about Google Pixel 3 specs and features. When the design of Google Pixel 3 XL was leaked, the device was found to have a big notch on top and a large chin which was disliked by most of the netizens on social media. Google, being the big Internet giant migt have already heard about all the responses about the leaks and the company should be having a different plan to satisfy the customers.

Google Pixel 3 Coming Soon Promo

Google Pixel 3 specs might be a lot better than Pixel 2, obviously, but it is rumoured to equip with CPUs supporting AI features. Although the appearance of the leaked Google Pixel 3 looks ugly, Google might surprise us by providing various features on machine learning and other Artificial Intelligence features.


A Twitter user @CasVanDinter has noticed the color variats of smartphone when Google accidentally leaked on a Pixel 3 page of a Japan site.

According to the leaks, Google Pixel 3 is said to come with 4 colour variants.

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Black

Although the above 4 color variants are leaked, Google might rename the colour code to their marketing style. A "Just Black" might be the marketing term to represent the "black" colour of the new Google Pixel 3.


The ugly notch of the new Google Pixel 3 may or may not be true, but according to various trusted reports, the Pixel 3 design is supposed to be same as the design that the leaks had. However, there is a catch here. In a report released by Phonearena, Google is reportedly asking Youtubers to make videos on the notch-hating videos. This makes us suspect that Google has a different plan that might surprise everyone during the launch.

The ugly notch may or may not be true but there are leaks where Google might release a third-variant that possess no notch. This may satisy the customers who hated the big notch design on Google Pixel 3 leaks.

Wireless Charging

Google is known for mocking other companies for a feature, then implementing the same on its product on their next product. Pixel 3 is rumoured to have wireless Qi charging. This means that the back panel of the Google Pixel 3 will be of shiny glass design.


While Google had launched Pixel 2 at less than $1000, the Pixel 3 which is said to have various advanced features is said to enter the $1000 smartphone market.


The Pixel 3 is rumoured to not have a notch which possess a 5.5 inch display with a large bezels. The Pixel 3 XL is supposed to have a big notch featuring 6.3 inch display size.

CPU & Memory

Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL is supposed to run on Snapdragon 845 processor that performs faster till date. The Google Pixel 3 may come with 4 GB of RAM.


Last year, Google Pixel 2 was announced and Google convinced us that we can still capture a portrait photos using a single camera with the help of machine learning techniques used to blur the background. However, the new Pixel 3 XL is rumoured to have a dual camera, each featuring a 8 MegaPixel lens at the rear.

The launch of Google Pixel 3 is very close and is less than 48 hours, so let us wait eagerly to see what Google has for us. Let us know in comments if you really like the big notch. Also, are you planning to upgrade your smartphone to a flagship devices like Galaxy Note 9 or iPhone Xs? With these leaks in picture, you may slightly swing to buy a Google Pixel 3 for yourselves as, at the end, its from Google and they always provide best for customers.

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