Google Pixel 2 : Competitor For iPhone Coming Soon


The recent Apple Event was a grand success to the company and also it made Apple’s competitors to what to introduce on their devices. Google is undoubtedly an innovative company, just like Apple. A wide range of intelligent developers working at Google make their products a grand hit. Soon after Apple’s Event was over, Google announced the release date of Google Pixel 2 which is going to happen on October 4, 2017.

Google Pixel is already a big hit and gave a very huge competition to iPhone. When Apple was able to build a phone with an excellent camera, Google was able to impress users with a camera that was very close to iPhone, where some of the pictures taken with Google Pixel were even excellent than photos taken with iPhone 7 Plus.
October 4, 2017 is the biggest day for Google. The company did not have any special plans before, for announcing it on this date, but soon after Apple introduced iPhone on September 12, 2017, Google throw a clue on Google homepage that you can expect something out of your phone.
As Google had announced the date soon after the Apple Event, there might be a chance where Google Pixel might have features that can overtake iPhone X’s features. There can be a great battle between iPhone and Pixel in the next two months.
Like iPhone had rumors, Google Pixel has not got rumors all the way, but Google Pixel had rumors like edge-to-edge display and VR support, but we could not trust as much like Apple, since the rumor was not from any reliable source.
If you are not a big fan on Apple, or if you are geek who likes to do more, then Google Pixel would work great because, with Android you can do more whereas, with iPhone, you bound to certain Apple limits.
Google Pixel XL 2 is expected to have a dual camera like iPhone 7/8 Plus but the purpose of the second camera might vary. Every manufacturer who gives a second camera at the rear side of the phone is for different purposes. In the case of Apple, it is optical zoom. Pixel may have a second camera for optical zooming or other innovative purpose that can boost up the photo captured with the rear camera.
Google has also recently seeded Android Nougat to various devices, and it is confirmed that Google Pixel 2 might come up with Android Oreo, and people expect the phone to be unique and special.
Google Pixel is also rumored to have storage of 64 GB and 128 GB. No 256 GB? May be, Google is not going to consider users to dump files like a desktop.
Share your comments below. Do you think Google Pixel 2 will outrank Apple iPhone? The way the company has announced Google Pixel 2 launch date and excitement of the company and users is really a great battle, Apple vs Google. Apple usually makes boldest move, like replacing a traditional fingerprint with Face ID. This might or might not fail, but we should appreciate such a move.

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