Galaxy Note 9 or iPhone Xs - Which $1000 phone Worth To Buy?

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Samsung and Apple manufactures the best smartphone in the world. The new smartphones from both smartphone giants have been released and it's time to decide which one to buy or whether to upgrade to iPhone Xs or Galaxy Note 9. Is the winner Galaxy Note 9 or iPhone Xs? Let us discuss the same with various factors.

First, there is always a question, why does Apple provide few gigs of RAM when other smartphones that are lesser than iPhones provide a lot of gigs. Here the operating system's ability to use optimal amount of RAM comes into picture. Android utilizes a lot of RAM for a smooth run whereas the iOS can run optimally on few gigs of RAM. One cannot judge the phone's memory by comparing two smartphones running different platforms.


The all new iPhone Xs Max is smaller than Samsung Galaxy Note 9, however features a big screen as much as in Galaxy Note 9. As far as display is taken into account, both the smartphones deserves equal score. The display screen of both the smartphones are massive enough to watch videos, read books, take notes and more.



Battery on iPhone Xs Max possess 3174 mAh whereas the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 possess a whooping 4000 mAh battery which is a lot of differnce, but however, Apple has claimed that the new A12 Bionic chip consumes less power compared to their predecessors. On an average usage of both the smartphones, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 lasts longer than iPhone Xs Max. The winner is Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in battery.


Samsung has improved a lot in bringing variable aperture feature to its camera, and has done a lot of software updates to keep their camera in top 3 of best smartphone cameras. iPhone Xs that possess most of the features that Samsung has, except the dual-pixel and variable aperture takes stuning photographs. The Smart HDR feature add more value to the shots taken on iPhone Xs. This makes the camera a better one on iPhone Xs. Either Galaxy Note 9 or iPhone Xs does have undoubtedly best cameras, with few features missing in either of them.

What Makes iPhone Xs Max, a Max?

The Display. Apple wants to call it as Max as they have a larger display. Since it has more space to occupy, it can possess a larger battery, hence more battery life. Except the battery and display, there is no difference to look into between iPhone Xs and Xs Max.

iPhone Xs Max

What Makes a Note, a Note?

Well, you know it already. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with a S Pen which is why people prefer the Note series instead of the normal Galaxy S line-up. The all new S Pen on Galaxy Note 9 comes with a battery inside which is helpful for bluetooth feature. The S Pen can act as a remote control to perform various functions in apps. Say, you could just press the button on the S Pen to take a picture, or long press the S Pen button to open up a camera.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or iPhone Xs Max

What Apple Could Have Done To Make iPhone Xs or Xs Max Better?

Although Apple wins when it comes to camera and other Artificial Intelligence features that the A12 bionic chip can do, they could have included an Apple Pencil inside the iPhone Xs Max, or at least could have retained the headphone jack, or the fingerprint reader. After all, this is Apple and they want customers to adapt to next generation features by obsoleting the old tech even though people love them.

What Samsung Could Have Done To Make Galaxy Note 9 Better?

Camera could have been slightly better. Samsung is always known to over expose the shots taken with their device. While most of the issues are solved in the Note 9, Samsung still makes the pictures over exposed. Although the photo looks great, but it does not look natural.

Conclusion: Galaxy Note 9 or iPhone Xs?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or iPhone Xs has their own advantages and disadvantages. However, the Galaxy Note 9 seems to have an additional feature, "S Pen" that really makes the Galaxy Note 9 special. Samsung could keep a digital pen inside their device while Apple removes several features to save space on their device.

Are you about to upgrade to new Galaxy Note 9 or iPhone Xs? Let us know to which of these you have decided to switch.

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