Buy Pixel 3 - Best Long-Term Investment

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Purchasing a smartphone is not just for the features that the company offer, but also the durability of the hardware and software updates they seed to their devices. We recently posted a blog post stating that most of the flagship Android smartphones do receive only 2 years of operating system updates after which they barely receive only security patches and bug fixes. This year, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL is announced and it is the most expected smartphone of the year. Google has promised to offer minimum of 3 years of operating system updates to the all new Pixel 3. Thus Buy Pixel 3 and do not worry about software updates for 3 long years.

Buy Pixel 3 - Experience Safest Stock Android

Google Pixel 3 features stock Android experience which is liked by most of the people as they look minimal and performs fast. There is no clutters in the UI and it just looks clean and you may experience the whole Google stock Android. This is great not only in terms of UI but also security-wise, as customization of stock Android by various vendors has introduced data security threats, as it is more likely for vendors who are not actual makers of Android to introduce vulnerabilities.

Buy Pixel 3



Pixel 3 is not announced and it is time to buy Pixel 3 and it is the best investment of this year, mainly for the updates that Google has promised and also, the price margin is less than the flagship phones that other competitors like Apple and Samsung are offering. We posted a blog post recently predicting the price and color of the all new Pixel 3, however, there was a prediction of Google introducing a smartphone into $1000 market. Google is kind enough to sell them at starting from $799.

Design & Build

The design and build quality of the Pixel 3 is improved when compared to its predecessor. Pixel 3 has wireless charging and the back of the back of the Pixel 3 is not fingerprint sticky. It is a matte finished glass that helps in charging the Pixel 3 wirelessly.


One of the best smartphone camera was the Pixel 2, but now its history! Google Pixel 3 is improved and the front-facing selfie camera is also made better for capturing more detail thus Google Pixel 3 can capture a wonderful group selfie. Pixel 3 is now the best camera among all the flagship smartphones out there in the market.

Considering the camera, software updates, and features - you can buy Pixel 3 and it will be the best investment for a smartphone if you are already looking for a smartphone to use long-term. Another exciting feature that Pixel 3 is that, you may just flip the device upside down on the table to turn on Do Not Disturb mode. Again flip it normally, and it turns off the Do Not Disturb mode which is very simple.

What's your opinion on this? Leave a comment below. Are you excited with the all new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL?

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