iPhone 6 Plus After 4 Years - Should You Buy in 2018?

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I bought my iPhone 6 Plus in the year 2014 right after the launch, thanks to my readers and without you, it wouldn't have been possible. This was literally my first "smartphone" as I switched from classic Nokia X2-00 which works perfectly till today as I use it for a backup. iPhone 6 Plus after 4 years of usage is really great and Apple still cares iPhone 6 Plus by pushing updates.

Buy iPhone 6 Plus After 4 Years

Should you buy iPhone 6 Plus after 4 years?

The iPhone 6 Plus after 4 years may not be a good choice to buy, but if you consider the battery, it is absolutely the best choice to buy. All new iPhone that is released till date, except the iPhone Xs Max, do not contain a battery capacity like iPhone 6 Plus. The device contains 2915 mAh battery which can last almost a day or more for a basic usage. No other iPhone line-ups such as iPhone 6s Plus or 7 Plus or 8 Plus do contain so much of battery power.

Advice: If you are using iPhone 6 Plus still, it is recommended to utilize the Apple's Battery Replacement program and replace the battery for $29. This can help you not only increase the life but also the performance of the phone increases.

Never used a Power Bank

My iPhone 6 Plus did not run out of battery at any cause at the end of the day. At any point of time, I did not have the idea of buying a power bank. There are rare cases where my device went completely out of power, but that was manageable as it happened only at the end of the day where I hardly need a phone.

Big Enough to Read Books & Watch Movies

I'm not a big fan of watching movies, thus I have a 16 GB variant where I usually listen to music or read books. However, occasionally I watch movies on Amazon Prime. The experience of watching movies and reading books are the best in a 5.5-inch display.


I was aware of the "bendgate" issue that was becoming popular when iPhone 6 Plus got released. I bought it anyway, as I thought that I was only going to use my phone with my hands and not to sit on it. I did not face any bendgate issue on my iPhone 6 Plus and hence I believe I am taking care of my phone very well.

Fast Enough on iOS 12

Apple has admitted that they throttle the CPU speed of older iPhone such as iPhone 6 Plus as battery deteriorates. iOS 12 was made faster and the battery controls were given to see if a user needs to replace the battery. The phone, however, performs fair enough on normal mode, does not perform best in a low power mode. The apps struggle a lot on a low power mode as CPU utilization becomes less as compared to normal battery mode. You can feel the difference between two modes on an iPhone 6 Plus.

If you are not a big fan of camera or portrait mode, wireless charging and Face ID, then it is fair enough to go for iPhone 6 Plus. The battery is amazing and you'll definitely love it.

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