Should I Buy Galaxy Note 9 or Wait for Note 10?


The year 2018 is about to end and if you ask me the best flagship device ever till today, I would suggest Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The Samsung’s flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 9 has impressed with all the features. You can even use Galaxy Note 9 as a replacement to a laptop. The display, battery, the S-Pen, camera and everything is better for even heavier usage of smartphone. Samsung has improved in all these years after so many mistakes. There are several rumours and talks about Samsung’s upcoming features. Should you buy Galaxy Note 9 or wait for Note 10?

Galaxy Note 9 or Wait for Note 10 is worth?

There are two reasons hyped about the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S10.

Puch Hole Display

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S10 is rumoured to feature a punch hole display. This is not a notch! A punch hole at the top of the screen to affix a camera. The earpiece can be aligned to the top edge of the phone but the camera needs a more space for the lens and hence many manufacturers do provide a notch. Samsung did not follow notch style so far but expected to implement a punch hole display where only a punch hole area on the screen is a camera and the whole front side of the device will be featuring Samsung’s edge-to-edge display.

Foldable Display

Samsung’s Foldable display will be a boon to flagship smartphones out there. However, the pricing of the foldable smartphone might bleed a lot of money. Also, Samsung will not implement the foldable display on the Galaxy Note 10 or S10. Samsung announced foldable display as a prototype and the prototype looks so big which is contrary to today’s trend of slim and lightweight smartphones.

One UI – Android Pie

Galaxy Note 10 will feature exclusive hardware components that require several special tweaks in Android Pie for Galaxy Note 10. Samsung and other manufacturers who provide their custom OEM take a lot of time in customizing Android based on their devices. Samsung is almost ready in improving the Android Pie and Galaxy Note 10 will feature exclusive features. Samsung call it as One UI.

Three Rear Camera Setup

Samsung is already working in three camera setup and it is highly expected that the new Galaxy Note 10 will feature a three rear camera setup. The third camera will feature a wide angle camera which helps you to take a wide angle shot. Samsung has finally responded to the customer’s requirement of a wide angle camera. We often don’t want to take panorama for a little wide photo, instead, a wide-angle camera can help in capturing wide-angle shots instantly.

In-Display Fingerprint

Samsung is all set to introduce in-display fingerprint which may be faster than any other devices with an in-display fingerprint sensor.  Ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor which does not require a bright light to read fingerprint is being tested by Samsung. Since it uses ultrasonic waves to find the fingerprints, it is said to be faster as much as a hardware fingerprint sensor.
Are you waiting to buy Galaxy Note 9? Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is really a good smartphone but after noting the Samsung’s move, it is expected that Galaxy Note 10 and S10. Should you buy Galaxy Note 9 or wait for Galaxy Note 10 depends on how excited you are for the new features that will be introduced in the next Galaxy Note series.

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