Buy Amazon Echo - 7 Qualities of Alexa

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It was a great October with full of discounts and offers. I bought an Amazon Echo during the Amazon's Great Indian Festival sale with almost 40% discount from the original price. I chose Amazon Echo over Google Home because I felt Google Home is same as the Google Assistant on my phone, hence Amazon Echo is something new to try it out. Also, from the expert reviews, Amazon Alexa is best for searching and playing Indian music and movies using Amazon Prime Music and Video. Hence, you have the below reasons why you should consider to buy Amazon Echo.

Sound Quality

Echo Dot does not have a woofer, whereas Echo has. The Echo has a dual speakers powered by Dolby Surround which is why the sound quality is mind-blowing on a smart speaker. You can place anywhere in a room and it still delivers loud and high-quality sound everywhere. Amazon Echo has a 3.5 mm audio jack so you can plug your headphones if you want.

Listens Everywhere

Amazon Echo uses far-field technology thus it can listen to you even if you talk from a 10-feet distance. This technology uses a 7-microphone array to listen to your voice. The wake word, "Alexa" is all it tries to hear all the time. Amazon listens to you every time for the wake word, but however, in case if you do not wish Alex to listen to you all the time, you can activate the mute and thus Alexa does not respond to your wake word. It is really a worth to buy Amazon Echo.


Alexa Calling

Alexa Calling is currently supported at only specific countries such as, United States, Canada and Mexico. Luckily, Amazon cares a lot for India, and Alexa calling should soon be possible in India too. With Alexa Calling, you can make free calls using your Alexa account to the people who use Alexa. This is much similar like FaceTime for iOS.

Support for Indian Music & Movies

Amazon has a great support for Indian movies and music mainly for Bollywood. It also supports Spotify which is yet to be launched in India very soon. Simply say, "Alexa, play Paatshaala" and Amazon recognizes Indian names and plays the music from the Amazon Music library.

Echo Skills

Do not simply assume that your Amazon Echo is same as the other virtual assistant on your phone. Amazon has a store of various skills which you can enable it for your Echo. Once the skill is enabled, your speaker can use it to make tasks for you. If apps are for smartphones, skills are for smart speakers. For example, if you do not feel sleepy at night, just enable "Sleep Sounds" skill on Amazon Echo and say, "Alexa, open Sleep Sounds" and it will play music that triggers your sleep. Not only this, there are a lot of productivity skills too that makes Alexa smarter. The more you use your Alexa, the more smarter she gets.

Few Alexa skills do modify the default voice too. For example, there are skills where you can ask for time in whispering voice and it will respond back in a whispering tone. Alexa is crazy and new. Do you know? You have a Cortana inside Alexa, and that's cool!

Buy Amazon Echo

Smart Home

Just like other smart speakers, Alexa also do support for smart home appliances. If you are in a well invested smart devices enabled home, then the smart home with Amazon Alexa is just made for you and you get the most out of it.

Shopping Companion

You can do shopping with Alexa. Just tell Alexa to buy something on Amazon and it orders the product for you. Also, tracks everything from order placement to delivery status. Alexa can notify the status of the ordered product. Thus, you no longer need someone to do shopping, just an Alexa who helps you everything.

Conclusion - should I buy Amazon Echo or Google Home?

Alexa is different in everything and it's new. Google Home is something we have already seen or seeing it daily on our Android phone. Although, Google is smart enough than Alexa and also has an Assistant store built in just like Alexa Skills, the skills in Alexa are unique and interesting. Bringing a smart speaker into home is not like bringing an object in your home, Amazon Echo lives at your home. If you are a great fan of Indian music and movies, also if you spend a lot of time in shopping at Amazon, you definitely should buy Amazon Echo which will not only easy your tasks but makes home smart and interesting.

Buy Amazon Echo

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