Biggest Defect on Apple iPhone 5 : Display Problem


Apple iPhone 5  was the biggest expectation for all Apple lovers. Apple was able to sell more than 5 million iPhone 5 within a week. Apple has made the screen more bigger than previous editions of Apple iPhone. Some of the iPhone 5 received by customers had a serious problem on their iPhone 5. Users, after using their iPhone for some time, their display screen was not working perfectly. Though people trust on Apple devices, these defects were not expected by the customers. This can become a major problem for iPhone 5.

Not all Apple iPhone 5 had the display problem but some of the pieces were defective. Lot of complaints have been made online so that, customers expect Apple to fix the display problem in iPhone 5. The display problem in Apple iPhone 5 might be due to improper packing or careless packing. Apple iPhone 5 brought a large screen than previous versions of Apple iPhone. People suspect that update of the screen size might have become the reason for display problem in some of the iPhone 5 pieces. Apple must have concentrated some more to overcome such issues.

People who use defected Apple iPhone 5 had a display problem that they weren’t able to select or do anything with their touch screen. It becomes harder to open a single application on that defective phone. When you try to slide for unlocking the screen, sometimes, the slider comes till the middle and goes back though you have slide it till the end. Also, though you slide it softer or harder, the slider doesn’t even move to unlock the screen.

When you try to open any application with a touch, sometimes, the screen doesn’t recognizes your touch or sometimes, your it registers your touch on some other menu nearby. This made the iPhone 5 users in panic because one of the defective iPhone user tried to call his friend and unfortunately as the phone is a defective one, it created a call to some other contact near his friend’s name. He was not able to end the call as the screen didn’t recognize his touch on the end call button. Then, he immediately rebooted the phone to end the call.

The screen defect adds more detail to the quality of the phone. The touch screen mobile from Samsung also had the same problem but not much serious as iPhone 5 screen defect. Samsung Corby, though it was great in expectations among people, the display defect made the quality of the phone to get lowered. Some of the people bought iPhone 5 only due to large size screen. Customers must not be dissatisfied on most leading mobile device manufacturer company. Apple have to consider this issue more seriously and should take steps to keep up their customers in their market.

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