Apple Suspected Copyright Infringement on Samsung Galaxy S4

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Last year, Apple filed an issue about infringing Apple products by Samsung. On August 2012, Samsung really paid a huge amount for infringing their Apple's patents. Recently, Apple has suspected an infringing quality on Samsung Galaxy S4. The all new Samsung Galaxy S4 is now becoming popular among the people's mind. though Samsung galaxy smartphones are considered to be awesome just because it can run Google's Android. Even in today's Google I/O 2013 event, Samsung Galaxy S4 was talked much about. Apple suspected copyright infringement on Samsung Galaxy S4 after inspecting the device thoroughly.

Already, Apple has levied copyright infringement issue on Samsung's 21 of its devices. The all new Samsung Galaxy S4 has been added to the list which copies the patents of Apple. Samsung Galaxy S4 has been released on many countries already where the demand for the product is considerably high.

Apple, when the suspected Samsung Galaxy S3 black to be infringed from Apple's patents, they were banned to sell in the United States market.


The interesting thing about Samsung is, they don't talk about the thing which Apple infringes from Samsung's patents though the mobile giant company, Samsung too have a list for Apple devices which infringed most of the Samsung's patents.

Though both the companies infringe some patents each other, Apple says that there is a serious infringement issues on Samsung Galaxy S4 which could lead to critical threat to Apple.

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Out of 22 devices in which Apple accused some of the Samsung products, the first top device to be said that it is accused is, Galaxy S4 for now. Some of the other devices are -- Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, Admire, Captivate Glide etc. The below images shows the fill list excluding Samsung Galaxy S4.

Suspected Copyright Infringement on Samsung Galaxy S4What's your thought on Samsung? Whom do you support? Apple or Samsung? Why do you support them. Share your comments below.

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